Today was the Abruzzese picnic. OK, the Marrs and the Blairs will not know about this. So a bit of explanation.

Joe is Susan’s son-in-law and he is married to Christina, Susan’s daughter. Joe was born in Italy, in the province of Abruzzo which is about half way down the Italian boot on the Adriatic (East) side. Joe and Christina belong to the Abruzzese club here in Vancouver. The club is composed of Italian immigrants from Abruzzo and their spouses and children. During the year the club takes part in Italian festivals and it holds its own dinners and parties to raise money to keep the club going. And so they held this picnic.

They reserved a part of the Confederation Park and set up a kitchen to serve pasta and sausages. Joe and Christina were involved in the organizing of the picnic. Christina was serving food and Joe was playing the music.

DJ Joe cranks out the tunes for the Picnic.

The weather was overcast and we even had a few drops of rain. But it was warm and all in all very pleasant. I brought a thermos of Cappucino and some beer, Joe brought wine. So we certainly didn’t suffer.

I really enjoy these picnics. I take my collapsible chair and something to read and settle in under the trees for the afternoon. There is always music and Susan loves to get up and dance.

The menu is pretty well the same all the time. Good Italian sausage in a bun with peppers. If I’m lucky, they’ll have the hot sausage and even extra hot sauce. The pasta us usually pretty good too.

Picnics like this are very common in Italy and in the small towns everyone comes out. They are wonderful community events.

If any of the Marrs or Blairs would like to come out to one of these picnics, let me know. They go on all summer. There are lots of Italian clubs so we can pretty well pick any weekend. Just let me know and I’ll get a list of what’s coming up. Confederation Park is a great place for the kids. A really good ‘water park’ for the little ones and lots of stuff to do. I know it would be popular.