We have had the most wonderful visit from members of Susan’s family in Italy: Francesca and Mirko. Joe, Christina and Susan and I picked them up at the airport on Sunday the 11th and we have just had a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner.

So what is the connection? Susan has a brother named Benito. His son Stefano married a beautiful girl called Antonella and Francesca is their daughter, Benito’s grand daughter and Mirko is her boyfriend.

Here we are waiting for dinner.

Susan cooked a great meal for us of turkey and ham, potatoes, gravy, brussel sprouts and of course I did cranberry sauce (no one but me likes it). Christina brought stuffing and desert and a cake. It was a fine table!

Sabrina and Christina

Christina and Susan

Mirko and Francesca

Sam, Dominic and Caesar

Francesca and Mirko are staying in Vancouver for a week and then they are going to L.A. to visit with friends of Mirko’s. We are hoping for good weather so we can go up to Whistler for the day before they leave. But that is later. Tonight is dinner and wine and welcome.

So here we are at the table!

It is great to have some of the family visit us. We are in Italy so often imposing on them and we have so wanted to show some hospitality back. That made this dinner especially sweet.

I am looking forward to the rest of their visit. A week is such a short time to see Vancouver and the country around. Oh well, we have to be thankful for the time we have and make the best of it.

A Canadian welcome for Francesca and Mirko