Francesca, Mirko and Joe at the table.

Francesca and Mirko stayed at Christina and Joe’s during their visit. Joe and Caesar made sure they got out to see some of the sights around the city. After our Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday night Christina wanted to have a dinner as well and that was on Wednesday night, the 14th of October.

As usual, Christina’s dinner was wonderful. You may have noticed that I often photograph the food. It seems to me that too often the effort that goes into these meals is forgotten. It should not be.

Here we are in Christina’s Dining Room having Dinner

Francesca and Caesar

Francesca, Caesar and Mirko

Mirko and Joe

It was a great dinner. The conversation was carried on in English, Italian, and my terrible Italian. But everyone seemed to understand me. Either that or everyone was very polite. But we had a great time. Joe and Christina put on a wonderful evening every time.