On Thursday we wanted to take Francesca and Mirko to see the mountains and what better place to go than Whistler. The plan was to go up the chairlift and then take the cable car between the peaks. Susan and I had never done this and it sounded like fun.

Joe and Christina picked us up about nine in the morning and the six of us were off.

Joe is driving and Christina is navigating.

Francesca and Mirko in the back seat.

Whistler Village

We got to Whistler without incident and parked the car where we could walk into the village. Everywhere there were maintenance crews. They were getting ready for the winter ski season. And everything was shut down. No cable car! We were all very disappointed. However, we made the best of it and walked into the village.

Walking in the Village was beautiful. That is Susan just to the right looking at the Camera.

We stopped for a Starbucks on our walk.

The ski hills above the Village.

Pizza and Beer

After we walked through the Village we were overtaken by hunger and thirst. We were outside a brewery pub that had a beer and pizza special so in we went!

While we were sitting in the pub the light was very good and I began to take some pictures of Francesca. Some of them were very nice and here is a selection of them:

Shannon Falls

After lunch we still had time so we started home but on the way we stopped in at Shannon Falls.  This waterfall is really quite impressive. I had not seen it before and I was surprised by how high it is and how much water was flowing over it. It is actually 335 meters high, the third highest in BC.

The river at the bottom of the falls.

Mirko appears to be walking on water!

Francesca and Mirko standing in the river below Shannon Falls.

And that was our day at Whistler. We got home about 5.00 just in time to get ready to go our to dinner at Umberto and Barbara’s house. A great meal and very good wine. It was a good evening and an overall super day!

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