So Susan had a birthday again this year. She seems to do it every year. We didn’t make big deal of it this time; just family over for dinner. It was a great evening to sit outside and really enjoy the summer weather.

Joe, Sam and Dominic

It was a great evening to sit out on the patio.

Sabrina and her Mom, Christina

It was lovely and warm and we sat out till late.

From the left, Sam’s girlfriend who joined us for dinner, Sam, Joe, Christina, Me, Sabrina, Nico, Dominic, Caesar and Susan.

Susan and her girlfriends celebrate each others birthdays and this month it was Susan’s turn. I did not take the following pictures. Susan takes her little camera to these functions and takes the pictures, or one of the ladies do, or a waitress does. They get great pictures of their birthday lunch. This year it was on the 24th of August at the Villa Casino buffet.