Promos and Advertizing

Canon Promotional Material and Advertizing

Like all large companies with a wide product range, Canon has produced a considerable volume of promotional booklets and catalogs. These are usually the first things thrown away when someone opens a new product box in the rush to get to their new lens or camera. However, these can be invaluable sources of information for the collector.

Likewise, Canon has always advertised widely as part of their sales program and these ads, too can be informative. And in looking back at old products, they are enjoyable in themselves.

These are harder to find than instruction booklets because the instructions are often saved while the advertising and promotional material is not considered relevant. But these materials do come along occasionally and when I find them I’ll post them here.

Canonflex Promotional Material

Canonflex Brochure

Canonflex Promotional Brochure

Bar-Codes for the Canon Bar-Code Reader E

Publication P6302E

Canonfex RM Brochure

Publication 510B
Brochure for the Canonflex RM

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Miscellaneous Promotional Material

Manual for Canolite D

English Edition – 1980
This Canon publication is an advertisement and a discussion of Macro Photography showcasing Canon macro equipment. It is dated but very interesting.

Bar-Codes for the Canon Bar-Code Reader E

Publication C-IE-075AL

Instruction Manual for Canon F-1 Camera

Publication C9503
Sales Brochure for the Canon Model P

Instruction Manual for Canon 50E / Elan IIE Camera

Brochure for accessories for Elan IIE
Publication CT0-1117-000 (1999)

Canon Products Guide

Publication C-CE-114BI

Canon Products Guide

New Sure Shot Brochure
Publication C-CE-161

Canon EOS Elan

Canon Elan Brochure
Publication SGI 09/93  (printed in Canada)

Canon Photura Sales Brochure

Canon Photura Sales Brochure
Publication C-CE-346

Instruction Manual for Canon F-1 Camera

Publication C5077d
This small Canon Catalog was packed in the box with a new Canonet 19 G-III

Instruction Manual for Canon F-1 Camera

Publication CE01-098
Sales Brochure for the Canon A35F Camera

Canon Products Guide

Publication CBI-25-255

Canon Products Guide

Publication C-CE-212A

Canon Rebel G Sales Brochure

Rebel G Brochure
Publication BRO-834E-962 6/98 (1996)

Canon Elph Brochure

Canon Elph Brochure
Publication BRO-402E-961 (1996)

Publication CE01-114B
The Product Guide Lists the F-1 and A series cameras and available accessories. This is a very useful list of available products at the time.

Commemorative Booklet printed in 1980

Brochure for Canon A-1 System

Brochure for Canon A-1 System
Publication C-CE-0990

Brochure for Canon A-1 System

Booklet for the EOS 1
Publication C-CE-324 (1989)

Canon Rebel G Accessories Brochure

Rebel G Accessories Brochure
Publication CTO-1112-000 (1999)

Canon Elph Brochure

Canon Elph 490Z Brochure
Publication BRO-406E-962 06/98 (1996)

Canon EOS3 Brochure

Canon EOS 3 Brochure
Publication BRO-111E-982 (1998)

Canon Product Guides and Price Lists

Canon System of Photography
Price List – 1 July 54

B&H-Canon Photo Products
Price List – June 1960

Canon Product Guide (1978)

Canon Products Guide
Publication E5077t (circa 1978)

Canon System Equipment Catalogue - Mar 1969

Canon System Equipment Catalog
( with Bell & Howell )

Canon Advertising

This is an ad for the Canonflex placed by Scopus/Brockway Inc., the company that managed Canon’s US distribution before Bell and Howell took it over.

Canon Advertisement for T70 SLR

The front of an ad poster packaged with a Canolite D flash unit

Canon Advertisement for T70 SLR

Ad for the T70 taken from the April 1984 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Canon Advertisement for T70 SLR

The back of an ad poster packaged with a Canolite D flash unit

Ad for Canon T90 Camera
Ad for Canon Canonflex

Miscellaneous Printed Material

There is a wealth of camera related material  about. I don’t set out to collect it but occasionally a piece comes by that peaks my interest. These are some of those.

Simpsons-Sears Camera Catalogue

Canon LogoThis page is not a review of this Canon equipment but rather a record of an item in my collection. I have no connection with Canon and receive no remuneration nor benefit for this listing. It is for my own use and possibly your enjoyment!.