Miscellaneous Manuals

Miscellaneous Canon and Other Instruction Manuals

Collecting cameras leads to all kinds of printed material and some of it does not fit the categories I have created, somewhat arbitrarily I must admit. What I am collecting seems to mature and change as we go forward. I have become interested in early Leica copies and Minolta is an old love of mine. And then there are manuals for things I use such as my Sekonic light meter. I can never keep track of where I put the actual booklet but if it is here I can always get to it.

So this is where I am putting booklets and pamphlets that don’t fit anywhere else.There is only a rough order to it all and as it grows it may become difficult to search. Don’t forget the Index page if you are looking for something in particular.

Canon G Series Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual for Canon G1

Publication H-IE-040-V1 (2000)

Instruction Manual for Canon G5

Publication CDI-E075-010 (2003)

Instruction Manual for Canon G9

Publication CDI-E328-010  (2007)

Instruction Manual for Canon G12

Publication CDP-E100-010  (2010)

Instruction Manual for Canon G2

Publication CDI-E056-010 (2002)

Instruction Manual for Canon G6

Publication CDI-E147-010 (2004)

Instruction Manual for Canon G10

Publication CDI-E407-020 (2008)

Instruction Manual for Canon G15

Publication CDD-E490-030  (2012)

Instruction Manual for Canon G3

Publication CDI-E067-010  (2002)

Instruction Manual for Canon G7

Publication CDI-E299-010 (2006)

Instruction Manual for Canon G11

Publication CDI-E410-030 (2009)

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Canon Instruction Manuals

Manual for Canon AF35M II Camera

Publication C-IE-104

Manual for Canon Demi EE17

User Manual for Canon Demi EE17
Publication 5270L

Manual for Canon 110 ED Camera

Publication IE1016C

Manual for Canon AF35F

Canon A35F Manual

Manual for Canon AF35M Camera

This is the instruction sheet that came with the camera. It is heavily reinforce with cellophane tape but still readable except for a few lines caught in the folds of the paper.

Publication IE01-079

Manual for Canon AF35M Camera

Snappy 20/50 User Manual
Publication C-IE-090L

Miscellaneous Instruction Manuals

Manual for Minolta 35 Mk II

I have a really nice copy of the Minolta-35 Model II. I would like to shoot it but unfortunately the shutter is not working. Another project!

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye User Manual

Instruction Manual for the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model

Sony NEX-C3 User Manual

Instruction Manual for Sony NEX-C3

Manual for Canon 110 ED Camera

Instruction Manual for Kodak DC40

AsahiFlex User Manual

Asahiflex Instruction Manual

Brownie Hawkeye Flash User Manual

Instruction Manual for the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model

Brownie Target Box Camera User Manual

Instruction Manual for the Brownie Target “Box” Camera – I picked up this Manual when I purchased a New In-the-Box Brownie Target Six-20 camera.

Ilford Delta 400 Data Sheet
Leotax Model F Manual

Leotax F Instruction Manual

Sekonic L-358 Manual

I have included this Sekonic manual because I use one of these meters and I want these instructions handy.

Ilford Developing Chart
Ilford Delta 100 Data Sheet

Canon LogoI have no connection with Canon, or any other camera company, and receive no remuneration nor benefit for these pages. They are for my own use and possibly your enjoyment!. The comments are mine and I take full responsibility for them. If anyone feels I have stepped on their copyright toes, please let me know and I will endeavour to make it right. And thank you to all who have contributed material to the internet that I have used. You have made this possible.