My BC Portfolio

I live in British Columbia, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mountains, oceans, islands, farms, and, of course, Vancouver, the most desirable city in the world to live in! And I get to photograph it every time I go out my door!

Spirit of the Skeena – This old DC-3 sits by the road at Langley Airport in Langley, B.C. (Image 130066)

Ship of State – Richmond

Swanwick Gate – Metchosin

Fog on the Water – Richmond

Burnaby Lake Evening – Burnaby (Image 140050)

Lily Pad Pond – Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver, B.C.

(Image 140169)

Water Maidens – Hastings Park, Vancouver

(Image 140178)

A Fall Walk on Burnaby Mountain

(Image 140189)

Winter Rain Forest – Burke Mountain, B.C.

November Walk on Burnaby Mountain

(Image 140190)