My Italian Travel Portfolio

My wife is Italian, born in Italy,  immigrated to Canada in the 60’s. Her family is still in the old country and so we spend a good deal of time there. And I am never without my camera! One could spend an entire lifetime seeing new things in Italy! I have been so lucky to have an in to Italian life.


Venice is a dream afloat on the ocean. It is the most wondrous place I have ever been. I never miss a chance to go back to this magical city!

Rio Tera Secondo – Venezia

Maschera di Carnivale – Venetzia

Lunch at Pizzaria Antico Gafaro – Venetzia

Bollard in the Grand Canal – Venezia

Due Gondole – Venezia

Streets of Venezia – Venetzia

Gondole by the Riva Del Vin – Venezia

La Maschera Nera – Venetzia

La Bandiera – Venezia

Ristorante Anima Bella – Venezia