Index to the Collection

Well, I am running into a problem. The site is becoming so big I am having trouble finding stuff when I want it to refer to or to work on. So the answer is to build a really good index so the material here is easily found. This may take a while to develop it because the coding is tedious, however, have a look at what is here and try it out.

If you find that the subject you want to see is overshot by a few lines, simply scroll up 3 or 4 lines for the beginning of the subject.

011A Speedlite
620 Film

6D User Instruction Manual

80D, Instruction Manual

A Series
A-1 Instruction Manual
A2, Shooting the
A35F Instruction Manual
Accessories Manuals
AE-1, Instruction Manual
AE-1, Shooting the
AE Finder FN
AE Motor Drive FN
Active Autofocus
AL-1 Camera
AL-1 Instruction Manual
Aperture Priority
APS-C Sensor
APS-H Sensor
Asahiflex User Manual
Aspherical Lens Element
AT-1 Instruction Manual
Auto Focus
Automatic Mode
AV-1 Camera
AV-1 Instruction Manual
Bar Code Reader E
Bar Code Reader E Manual
…..PX625 Substitute
Bell & Howell
…..Association with Canon
…..Auto 35 / Reflex
…..Auto 35/Reflex Instruction Manual
…..B&H/Canon Model 7 User Manual
…..FD35 Instruction Manual
Bellows FL User Manual
Bellows M User Manual
Booster Meter (for FT, FTb, Pellix) Instructions
Booster Meter (for FT, FTb, Pellix)
Booster T Finder Instructions
BP-50 Battery Pack
Brownie Hawkeye Flash Manual
Brownie Hawkeye, My First Camera
Brownie Hawkeye, Using the
Brownie Target Six-16
Brownie Target Six-16 Instruction Manual
Brownie Target Six-20
Brownie Target Six-20 Instruction Manual
Cadmium Sulfide, CdS light meter
Canolite D Instructions
Canon, History of Company Name
Canonet Cameras
…..Canonet Junior
…..Canonet 28 Instruction Manual
…..Canonet G-III 17/19
Canonet 17 Instruction Manual
Canonet QL17
Canonet 19 Instruction Manual
Canonet 25 Instruction Manual
Canonet 17/19 GIII Instruction Manual
Canonflex Camera Series
Canonflex R2000
Canonflex RM Camera
Canonflex RM Instruction Manual
Canonflex RP Instruction Manual

Carte de Visite
Center-Weighted Metering
Color, Use of in Photography
Command Back 70/80 Instruction Manual
Company Name
Condition, Camera
Contrast Detection
Cosina Camera Company
Curtain Bounce

Manual Mode
Mercury Cell
Minolta Model 35 Mk II User Manual
Minolta SR-1
Model 7 User Manual
Model 7S User Manual
Model IIB User Manual
Model IID User Manual
Model IV User Manual
Model IV S2
Model IV Sb in Model Finder
Model L1, L2, L3 User Manual
Model V User Manual
Model P Instruction Manual
Model VI-T, VI-L User Manual
Model VL, VL-2
Model VT de luxe User Manual
Negatives, Digitizing
Nicca Camera Company
Nikon 1 Camera Auction
PASM Exposure
Partial Metering
“Passed” Gold Sticker
Passive Autofocus
PC Socket
pellicle mirror
Pellix Camera, Shooting the
Pellix Redux (Shooting Part II)
Pellix Camera
Pellix Camera User Manual
Pellix QL Camera
Pellix QL User Manual
Peter Dechert
Phase Detection
PowerShot G1 User Manual
PowerShot G2 User Manual
PowerShot G3 Camera
PowerShot G3 User Manual
PowerShot G5 User Manual
PowerShot G6 User Manual
PowerShot G7 User Manual
PowerShot G9 User Manual
PowerShot G10 User Manual
PowerShot G11 User Manual
PowerShot G12 User Manual
PowerShot G15 User Manual
PowerSHot G Series Cameras
Power Winder “A”
Power Winder “A2” Instructions
Program Mode
Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Soc.
QF, Quick Focus – See AL-1
R Series Lenses
Rebel Camera Overview
Rebel Camera
Rebel User Manual
Rebel S Camera
Rebel S User Manual
Rebel S QD Camera
Rebel II Camera
Rebel II User Manual
Rebel S II Camera
Rebel G User Manual
Rebel T2 User Manual
Scanning, Negatives
Sekonic Flash Master L-358 Manual
Servo EE Finder for F-1, Instructions
Shanghi 58 Camera
Shutter Priority
Shutter Tester
Sony NEX-C3
Sony NEX-C3 Manual
Speedlite 166A User Manual
Speedlite 188A
Speedlite 199A
Speedlite 244T Instructions
Speedlite 277 T
Speedlite 300 EZ
Speedlite 580EX II User Manual
Spot Metering
T Series
T50 Instruction Manual
T60 Instruction Manual
T70 Instruction Manual
T70 Info Brochure
T80 Instruction Manual
T90 Instruction Manual
TC-80N3a Remote Trigger Manual
Time Priority
TL Instruction Manual
TLb Camera
TLb Instruction Manual
TX Camera
TX Camera Disassembly
TX Camera Manual
VG10, Instruction Sheet
Western Canada Photographic Historic Assoc.
Zorki Model 1b