Canon Model IIF2

Canon Model IIF2
Canon Model IIF2

Your camera would appear to be a Model IIF2. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/500th
  • Has Slow Speed Dial
  • Has one piece View Selector Lever
  • Has Side Rail
  • Hi and Low Speeds split at 1/30th
  • No Slow Speed Dial Lock, No “X” Position

Dates: June 1955 thru Nov 1955

Produced: 2,625

Ser. Nos.:  173200 to 217100

The IIF2 is an improved version of the Model IIF. It is synchronized for flashbulbs through the usual side rail. This camera has the features of the Model IIS2 but without the X sync. Because of the small numbers made it is somewhat rare and commands a higher price than most cameras of this era.