Well, this year I’ve been a bit of a Grinch. We didn’t decorate the house, we had no tree, we didn’t entertain, we missed Christmas Eve mass, and I took almost no pictures. I didn’t really feel very Christmasy. I’ve been tired. Work these last few months has been a grind and I’ve gotten very tired. Just too old I think.

However, I have a few pictures to share. First is the picture David gave me of Cynthia. Great picture!

Cynthia – Christmas 2013

Joe brought a ‘little’ beer over!

Joe and I sampling the Brandy I received from Raoul for Christmas

Then on Christmas day we went over to their house for dinner and had turkey with all the fixin’s. I took a picture of the three girls at the table, Sabrina on the left, then Christina and Susan on the right.

Sabrina, Christina and Susan at Joe and Christina’s, Christmas 2013

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