Every year Bosa Foods has a Customer Appreciation Day. I did an earlier article on this which you can find here. Last year and this DJ Joe has provided the music for this outdoor party. It is a nice day: sausage in a bun, pop, coffee and music.

The Bosa building on Kootney Street just off Boundary Road and opposite the new Vancouver Police Headquarters

This year Keiko and the girls were over for the afternoon. She had never been to Bosa’s before so it was a perfect opportunity for us to tour the store and have a party at the same time!

We begin with a tour of the store, isle by isle

We stopped by a display of pestos and salsa’s being demonstrated by the man that makes them on Vancouver Island

He was giving out tasters on little wooden spoons. Really excellent.

Hey, more Samples!

Susan explains her favorite cheeses to Keiko

He was explaining how they are made and letting us sample them.

He had several products on display and he says his pestos have been for sale at Bosa since it opened.

And still more Samples!

Sophia finds it all a bit overwhelming!

Christina was there with Joe. Here she is in the store with Susan, Keiko, Olivia and Sophia.

Joe was playing great music as usual!

Olivia joined Nonna and she was amazing.

And Sophia turned out to be fantastic as well!

And where there is music Susan must dance!

It was not all dancing. We had some pop and hotdogs and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. Olivia and Sophia were really interested in what Joe was doing and had all kinds of questions for him.

And the final photo I will leave to Olivia. Just looking at her you can tell the kids had a great afternoon.