It is Christmas time again and time for another annual get together. We were at Kate and Colin’s house this year again and everyone brought something for the table. In fact, the feast looked pretty fine! Sean and Shiela were in Mexico as usual, and Holly is in Spain for several months (wow! way to go Holly! You go girl!) but every one else made it. Ann brought Grandpa, the Mary Blairs and the Bob Blairs were there as well. And of course, there were pictures. For instance, this is not bad: Mary and Dave with their daughter Paige.

And look at what a beauty Sarah is becoming. I look at this picture and I get echoes of the Mona Lisa. A very medieval portrait.

But I took lots more. One day when I have more time (don’t hold your breath) I will get to captions but for now you will have to fill in your own. One exception: welcome to Beatrix. This was her first exposure to the whole family and she was looking a little “taken a back”. But it was a pleasure to meet her.

Finally, the group picture in front of the tree! Well, it turned out pretty good! It amazes me how many little ones we have – isn’t it great! And they were really patient for this picture. Nora was out for a smoke so she’s not here. And Susan felt it

was a Marr/Blair picture and did not get into it (if I had realized I would have insisted she get into the group). And we are missing Sean, Shiela, Sam, Keiko, Olivia and Sophia and Holly, and, of course, Grandma Etta. We miss you guys!