Two or three years ago Ann sent away, I think to the Maritimes, for seeds for giant pumpkins. These seeds came from championship fruit and they cost her a lot – several dollars per seed. And she planted them. And since then, each year, she has saved seeds for the next year.

Now, Ann’s backyard is on the old Blair Farm and it has pretty good soil. Not only that but she planted them near her compost pile. I heard that she grew some pretty impressive pumpkins. Well, this year Susan and I dropped out to her place to see for ourselves.

We went out on the 7th of September for a visit. Ann’s backyard is impressive. Just over the back fence is the farm and across the farm is the old woodlot to the right and in the distance the mountains. And in the forground there were pumpkins. We were impressed.

The three pictures above were taken with my cell phone. Pretty impressive considering the size of the phone. However, the color is a little off.

I knew Ann and her grand children had picked the pumpkins so this weekend I went out to see them. They were arranged outside of her house and Bob’s house next door and they looked pretty fine!

Bob and Liz have theirs in front of the house and in the garden.

Ann’s pumpkins are around the front door.

At the end of the month Ann and the kids are having a pumpkin carving party and we are invited. I shall report further on this subject thereafter!