When I first met Nico he was about four years old. An now he is a man. It hardly seems possible. And this past weekend he left home. It’s good – but, in a way, it is upsetting.

He has finished two years at BCIT in a surveying course. And now he is off to the University of New Brunswick who will give him credit for his two BCIT years towards an engineering degree.

For the last two summers he has worked for a large land survey/engineering firm, McElhanney, and has lived with us because we are closer to work than his Mom’s in Maple Ridge. Most of his work has been out of town in the BC outback. Last week he finished for the summer and brought home some pictures from work. I grabbed them and put them on the scanner. Looks like a great summer! Nico sure thought so.

Last week we had a goodbye dinner for Nico an the patio. It was a wonderful evening. Of course Nico and Sam were anxious to leave and do other things. They always are these days!

But, on the bright side, he says he will be home at Christmas. We’ll see. It’s a big world out there!

Then, the night he was leaving he came by with his buddy Sean who was driving to New Brunswick with him. Susan made pasta for us, and then the boys loaded Nico’s stuff in the car and they were off. A great adventure for Nico. And we were happy for him, but, we were sad for us.