The Langley Cenotaph
Remembrance Day 2016

Well, Grandpa is 99 now and getting very frail. He has been in Langley Lodge for a few months and it has worked out really well. He is now more active than he was at home and he has actually been gaining strength. He has his own room with some of his own furniture and pictures. They are looking after him really well.

Ann was doing a wonderful job at the house but it was becoming really difficult. Dad was falling and Ann could not lift him if he did. And she was tired. But this Lodge has been the answer to all her problems. And it has been wonderful for Dad.

Dad remembers Ann and I but his mind wanders so easily. However, he seems content.

The Lodge asked if Dad could lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day.  It seemed like a great idea and we thought we could take him for lunch at Adrian’s afterwards.

Susan, Ann, Bob and the kids with Grandpa at the Service.

Same picture but this time with Susan is behind the camera.

Dad and I rolled up to the cenotaph and placed the wreath.

This picture Ann took and I got it from Facebook. I think it’s the best one of the day.

After the service Susan, Ann and I took Dad to Andrian’s at the Airport and had lunch. He still has a great appetite and enjoys his food. It was a good lunch.

Dad is more aware than it appears. His poor eyesight and lack of hearing isolate him and make it difficult for him to participate socially. But when you really try to engage with him the man we love is still there.

It looks like he will make his 100th birthday this coming July and we should give some thought to a party. This is going to be a big one.

We are all very lucky to have been born into this family, or maried into it, and to have known people as fine as Bill and Etta Marr.