31 October 2019

As I have written before, Adele and Benito have a house in in Palm Springs. To our sorrow, our friend Benito passed away recently and Palm Springs presents a problem for Adele. It is hard to spend time there alone. So this last time she went she asked Susan if she would like to go with her. Well, of course she would!

So October 6th off she and Adele went to Bellingham to catch their flight south. Nico and I were bachelors for two glorious weeks. Susan wondered if she should take her cell phone and I said she should because it was a great little camera — and she could phone me on her camera if she wanted to. She took my suggestion and actually came back with some great pictures. And here they are!

Adele’s House

Finally at Adele’s front door

Pomegranates in Adele’s Back Yard

Adele grows Grapefruit in her Back Yard

Golf Cart for getting aound

Desert Landscaping in front of Adele’s House

On the sidewalk in front of Adele’s House

Relaxing on the Back Patio

This is how a Vacation should look!

Grapefruit as big as your head!

Out for a Drive

A Lake in the Desert in Adele’s community!

Adele in her Driveway

Fruit Trees are everywhere!

The cart seats five, comfortably!

The Pool at the Community Club House

Community Clubhouse and Pool

The girls on Vacation!

The Pool in the Evening

In the pool with the Lake in the background through the Fence

Knocking herself out on Vacation!

Adele by the Pool Clubhouse

Adele by the Pool with the Clubhouse in the Background

Community Gardens

The landscaping everywhere is desert wonderful!

Shopping in Town

Susan by the Lake with the bridge across it in the Background

Now tell me, what would you grow in a garden in the desert?

Flowers and Susan

Stopping for Lunch

This beautiful spot is a Shopping Mall

This Goat reminds me of Flynn!

Taking a Break

Canadian Thanksgiving

Adele and Susan did not want to miss a Canadian Thanksgiving with a roasted turkey. So they made dinner, invited the neighbours and had a dinner party. Adele, Susan, all their Italian friends are such wonderful cooks that a a dinner like this, any dinner they cook, is a feast!

Well, maybe that’s enough Shopping for today!

It looks like it was a great party!

And that was Adele and Susan’s two weeks in Palm Springs. I’m glad Susan took so many, and such good, pictures. These cell phones are wonderful. She is home now and really missing the sunshine and heat. She does not do well in the dark of winter being a creature of the sun.

I am not sure what our next trip will be, but I am going on the next one!