Happy New Year 2019

to All our Family and Dear Friends

Another year has come and gone and and throughout Susan and I have been blessed with family, friends, our health, and lives that are full. And what better time to stop and reflect on these blessings than New Year’s Eve.

This New Year’s Eve we went with friends to the Fraser Valley Italo-Canadian Society New Years Eve Ball. I decided that I should take a camera along this year, which I normally don’t do, and record the event.

Before we left home we took some pictures of Susan and the two of us together and then at the party I took more, some of which appear here. All the cameras in the house and I seldom take pictures of us! Go figure!

We picked up John and Vi early and drove out to the Langley Events Center where the party was held. Susan had arranged with Elsa for our table and we sat with Tony and Elsa, Rose and Real and Vi and John. At the next table were more of Elsa’s family.

Our friend Lou Morocco was playing and singing. Parties with Lou are always great because his music is so good to dance to. He always gets people up dancing. 


Above are pictures we took before we left home for the Party. Below is a picture Tony took of us at the party.

Tony and Elsa Morocco

Vi and John

Tony, Elsa, Trista, Anthony, Shay and Lou

Lou on stage doing what he loves to do!

Rose and Real

Shay and Lou

Happy New Year to Everyone!