Lunch with the Pasta Master

You start with a good pasta dough. The best is made with semolina (good Canadian Durham wheat) with eggs, a pinch of salt and a dash of olive oil. Then knead it until it is smooth, elastic and hard.

Our Nico seems to have a new girlfriend. To our knowledge he has not had many to this point and he has never brought one home to meet us. Considering how good looking he is this has been a bit of a surprise. Up to now, he has concentrated on school and job.

But now there is Maddy and she is beginning to spend some serious time around here. A beautiful young lady, well mannered, and obviously well brought up. We like her. But I digress.

Maddy rolling the dough. Not as easy as it looks, is it?

Nico likes to cook. And he is good at it. I think the years in Nonna’s kitchen must have given him that bug. I remember when he was in high school he would read recipes in cookbooks and online. So it came as no surprise when he said he wanted to invite Maddy over to introduce her to the joys of making her own pasta. He suggested lunch and that we join them to eat the pasta. Now that sounded like fun.

Today was that day. Nico did it all (well, Nonna made a salad and found a roasted chicken in the fridge) with Maddy’s help. On the menu was linguini pasta with pesto.

We all had fun. Susan helped with a salad and I helped with my camera.

The day was cool but nice and we were able to eat on the patio. It was perfect.


Many can cook but few can cook with style like this.

Maddy got the hang of it real quick. No grass grows under this girls feet!

Laying the past a out to dry. That table cloth has been drying pasta for 30 years but I fear its days are numbered. It is literally beginning to disintegrate.

I’m not sure what this is about. Maybe a side effect of the corona virus? 

Mmmmmmm … Pasta!

And here we are at lunch. Life is beautiful if you have a full bowl of pasta and half a glass of wine (twice for the wine!).