The Selfie Project – September to November

There are limits to how big a web page can be before it becomes slow and cumbersome. We began our project in mid-July and two months means about 60 photos. That is enough for a page. So we have begun this page for pictures taken in the next two months. 



I have gotten into the habit of wearing hats. Being bald, if it is cold I am cold, unless, I have a hat on. Not only that, if I hit my bald head on something it hurts. Hairs protects your head. Not mine! So I have come to like hats. Hats of all kinds. And my hats bring out different parts of my personality. Take a look.

7 September 2020 – As I said, my hats bring out different parts of my personality. This is my “Greek God” look!

14 September 2020 – The first racking of my Blackberry Wine. Working around the house in my work clothes I have several old peaked caps I have acquired from places I have forgotten. All very beat up but they shield my eyes and protect my head.

12 September 2020 – My Crofter’s Cap I got in Alaska when we went on a cruise with Kate and Colin. The wool sweater I love. I got this in Charlottetown last year on our trip down East to visit with Sam and Nico.

13 September 2020 – Nico gave me my Pixie Hat. It was made by an old highschool girlfriend but it was a little too radical for his taste. The young  do need to conform!

15 September 2020 – Today you get six pictures of me and the bird. Christina gave us the bird and it lives on the lawn in our back yard. 

17 September 2020 – I spend a lot of time here at my very messy desk. I think I have Attention Defficet Disorder because I have so many projects. The truth is, it drives me nuts to have so many things on the go at once.

19 September 2020 – I drove Susan to the dentist this morning. While she was in the chair I went and got a coffee and sat in the car listening to “Saturday at the Opera” on CBC.

18 September 2020 – The weather is changing. It is colder now when I sit with my morning coffee. It won’t be long before I’ll be having my coffee in the house.

20 September 2020 – Gringing peppers this morning to make my famouse Hot Pepper Jelly. Made twenty four jars today.

21 September – Picking Basil for Pesto. This was the second harvest from the Basil plants. They really grow well here along the side of the house.

23 September – It rained this morning for my quiet coffee time.

24 September – my morning coffee starts here. Simple process with good ingeddients.

16 September – I worked about 15 years for Ansan before I retired. Miss it a little bit. I still have my hat and jacket.

27 September – The apples in the garden are ready and Susan asked me to peel some for a pie. Well, how could I say “No”?

25 September – walking in the park weo found freshly fallen chestnuts. They are so pretty. It is a shame that we can’t eat them or use them for something.

26 September – I photograph my cameras for my writing about them on my website. A simple setup with two strobes but it works.

22 September – Today I got out my Italian “Calcio” hat which I picked up years ago during Italian Days on Commercial Drive.

28 Septmber – Susan and I went for a walk on Burnaby Mountain. We walked up to the Simon Fraser campus and through to Univercity. The day was beautiful.

01 October 2020 – Caesar and Nico built a new deck for the little house in the garden and I decided to build a lattice to hide the stuff Susan stored under it. Firt I had to cut the lathe from 2×4’s.

03 October 2020 – Once the lathe was done assembly was easy. The bottom however was uneven which bothered me so I found some nice cedar boards to finish the bottom edge.

05 October 2020 – And here is my project finished. The front lattice lifts off easily for access to the storage area underneath the deck but looking from the fron there is no way to tell.

02 October 2020 – With all the work I do on my websites it is sometimes hard to remember that my hobby is photography! But I do get out to take pictures now and then. On this day I took my infra red camera for a walk along our usual walking trail and took this picture of myelf. This day I took some really interesting pictures.

04 October 2020

29 September 2020

06 October 2020

30 September 2020

07 October 2020

08 October 2020

09 October 2020

12October 2020

10 October 2020

11 October 2020

15 October 2020 – Always painting a repair to be done. This time on the downstairs bathroom.

13 October 2020 – Susan gets all the credit for her garden but the grass is mine. Look at that green! It is not all grass. It is a thousand different things from moss to quality grass and clovr. But it is a good ground cover, soft and thick. It actually takes very little care and it repairs damage to it all by itself.

14 October 2020 – A walk around Deer Lake with Susan, Vi and John. It is a pretty park that feels a long way from the city.

17 October 2020 – The secret to good wine making is rigorous testing. I rigourously test this wine for an hour! Wow, it is coming just fine!

16 October 2020 – A rainy day and a chance to catch up on some reading. I am allowed to sit on this chesterfield because it is my mother’s.

18 October 2020 – On the left is today’s picture taken in my Scotish “Tam o’ Shanter”. I bought this hat in Edinburgh while cycling in the British Isles in 1958. A few days later, deep in the Scottish Highlands I took this picture of me with my new hat in the heather. The hat still looks great and I still look …. hmmmmm …. well, older.

19 October 2020 – This is where the goodness happens. My desk is behind my 44″ printer. I have just cleaned my room because Susan could not stand it any longer! In truth, it normally does not look like this. But hey, a guy has to work you know!

20 October 2020 -Back to my hats. This is one of my favorites! This was on my table as I sat down for Mary Blair’s wedding at Disneyland in California. My name is embroidered on the other side and it was the seating card. Brilliant!

22 October 2020 – This will go down as the year of the Trump-Biden election. I have been addicted to CNN all year. Tonite is the last Trump-Biden. debate.

21 October 2020 – Back walking aroueer Lake with my Infra Red 20D camera. IR photography is interesting because of the way things register inhe infra red.: green is white, blue is black and everything appears in black and white.

23 October 2020 – Beautiful fall weather and I am out in the park taking pictures!

24 October 2020 – The apples this year have been fantastic. The apple tree in Susan’s garden is small but it is a wonderful producer and the apples are crisp and running wi juice.

25 October 2020 – The house is 40 years old and there is lots of refinishing required. This week I am having a go at refinishing the woowindow sills that have give up their finsh.

26 October 2020  Halloween is upon us and we got our pumkin. What a beauty! Now to carve it.

27 October 2020 –  This is the Yukkkk part!

29 October 2020  Well now, who’s your artist?

31 October 2020  Our pumkin sat on the porch tonight – but we got no gobblins!

28 October 2020

30 October 2020

1 November 2020

2 November 2020

3 November 2020

4 November 2020   Election day in the United States. The TV was on all day!

6 November 2020   Walking on our path through the woods.

5 November 2020  Tonight it is meatloaf. As usual, I cook with wine. The glass is never far from my hand! I even put some in the meat.  But not much. Most of it went in the cook.

7 November 2020   Out for a walk under the fall foliage. Such a beautiful day to be out.


9 November 2020  I am waiting on Hastings Street for Susan while she is shopping. The quality of photos from my cell phone amazes me. No wonder the camera industry was so impacted by smart phones!

10 November 2020

8 November 2020

11 November 2020

12 November 2020

13 November 2020

14 November 2020

And there we are! That is September to November in pictures. This Selfie Project is proving to be more of a chalenge than I thought. One thing it is doing is getting me to think in terms of making my pictures more interesting. Because I am taking picture after picture of the same thing, me, they tend to get boring if I don’t try to think of unusual features in the images. As I use up my ideas I think things may get weirder as we go along. When all is said and done, it is a challenge!

The Selfie Project has been broken into Posts covering only two months of the year. Because I began the Project in the middle of July the posts are from the middle of the month to the middle of the month. This post is for 15 September thru 14th of November. You can jump to a different two months using the buttons below.