The Selfie Project – May to July

This will be the last post on our year long selfie project. We are closing in on the end of the year. Two more months to go and it is a wonderful time of year. The weather is improving, the days are getting warmer and Susan’s garden is getting ready. I have found it interesting to go back over the images to this point and watch the seasons change through the months. When you are living it it does not seem so dramatic. But seeing time compressed here I can see things I normally don’t. I’m not sure that makes sense!

15 May 2021 – The weather is getting warm and sitting in the sun is hypnotic. This is my chair on the patio and I spend a lot of time here! This is my spot for morning coffee if the air is warm.

16 May 2021 – This is my morning coffee ritual. It takes me a long time to wake up and get going.

17 May 2021 – Susan likes her windmills in the garden. They needed some repair this spring.

18 May 2021 – I have decided to write a book! Well, just a little book. I am going to write about Susan’s town in Italy, Arezzo. This is an early draft of my manuscript all marked up with additions and revisions. It is going to be apicture book. I have so many pictures and no one can see them because they are all on my computer. So, I am going to make a book out of a few of them. Maybe this will be the first of many. Maybe!

19 May 2021 – Sitting in the backyard posing for a Selfie.

20 May 2021 – So how do I take all these wonderful selfies? Well, this is my secret!

21 May 2021 – Irish Griddle Cakes or Scones. Lots of Raisins. Fresh off the frying pan and thick with butter they are to die for!

22 May 2021 – At my desk working on my book.

23 May 2021 – Susan wanted me to sand down her cutting boards and re-oil them. It was a good idea and they look much better now.

24 May 2021 – Our climatis is coming along just fine on the trellis I made some years ago.

25 May 2021 – Susan’s garden wall is finished. Now I am waiting for the garden to grow and fill in the empty spaces behind me.

26 May 2021 – I don’t garden much but this year I want sunflowers. Susan is not enthusiastic so I am going to do it myself.

27 May 2021 – I love this yard. We have enough room that staying home during Covid 19 has not been too much of a sacrifice.

28 May 2021 – This weather is fantastic! The rain and grey of winter is over at last and the air is warm. It won’t be long before the garden is in full flower.

30 May 2021 – This rose bush is decades old and every year it puts on a wonderful show!

29 May 2021 – To-nite we had Susan’s children and grandchildren over for dinner.

31 May 2021 – Susan and I on the patio off the kitchen with the rose trellis in the background.

1 June 2021 – Yes, those are flowers in the background.  It has begun! It won’t be long and this place will be overflowing with beauty.

3 June 2021 – Look at the garden behind me. Bean poles are up and so are the beans.

2 June 2021 – This is almost a portrait.  But it is not one really. It is just a moment in the living room with my camera to give me today’s selfie.

4 June 2021 – Susan wanted a bar in the shower. Great idea. I’ll do it right away!

5 June 2021 – Hey, my book, first version, has arrived!

7 June 2021 – Susan’s garden needs a continuing supply of stakes which I make.

8 June 2021 – I am planting my sunflower seedlings in the front garden.

9 June 2021 – John and I are out for a walk with the girls. Great smile John!!!

6 June 2021 – Today we went out to Kate’s for a visit. 

10 June 2021 – The garden is beautiful but it is a lot of work for Susan. Watering takes her time and it is something I can help with.

11 June 2021 – I am sure you have figured out by now that I have my coffee outside in the morning whenever the weather permits.

12 June 2021 – Pancakes today. Susan must be out for the morning!

13 June 2021 – Sam took one of my pictures and did this transformation on it. Well, at least I gained a little bit of hair!

14 June 2021 – The garden is looking good!

17 June 2021 – This is a wonderful time of year. The weather is wonderful and everything is growing

15 June 2021 – On a walk around Burnaby Lake.

18 June 2021 – The tomatoes are coming along just fine!

16 June 2021 – Now, let’s take some pictures!

19 June 2021 – Walking up the stairs on the side of the house you pass under red roses.

20 June 2021 – I am standing in the beans and they grow inches every day. On the right the flowers are climbing to find the sun. What a wonderful place!

22 June 2021 – Today is a sad day because we are going to the funeral of our friend Vito. I hate funerals and I hate losing friends even more.

21 June 2021 – I know the author of this book and he is pretty good. I like it!

23 June 2021 – My boxes full of tomatoes!

24 June 2021 – Summertime we live outside on this patio. It is perfect with Susan’s flowers all around us. There is no place I would rather be!

25 June 2021 – This past week I bought a cookie cookbook at the Sally Ann and this is my first batch following it. Hmmm…peanut butter cookies!

27 June 2021 – There was no Highschool Graduation or Grad Party this year so Kate and Colin had a party for Sarah at home. It was great!

26 June 2021 – This is what the camera sees when I am taking a selfie. But if this is a selfie, who took this picture and what camera took it?

28 June 2021 – Hey, today was hot. Really hot! That is 40 degrees C on the thermometer And it felt like it. We didn’t do much today!!!

29 June 2021 – I take courses on the computer on camera subjects to improve my abilities. It takes a lot of time but I enjoy it.

30 June 2021 – I don’t garden but I can water. Just look at the patio. No one gardens like Susan.

2 July 2021 – Look at the box of garlic that Susan grew! The woman is truly amazing! She can grow anything!

3 July 2021 – This patio is where we live in the summer time when the weather is warm. Sunshine, grapes and flowers make a fine room!

1 July 2021 – The decks on the front need a new sealer coat of rubber to keep them waterproof. Always something to maintain on this old house!

4 July 2021 – I know I go on about Susan’s garden but just look at it. She works hard in here but there is no place she would rather be. Her garden is her life and it keeps her alive. Ever since I have known her, and by all reports long before I knew her, her garden has been her refuge.

5 July 2021 – In the background are Susan’s hanging flower baskets which have been wonderful this year.

6 July 2021 – The facia boards on the front decks need painting. I scraped them first and now for fresh white paint.

7 July 2021 – Fiori di Zucca are the best part of the squash plant. They cook up delicious!

8 July 2021 – Susan’s favorite grage chair needed a coat of white paint. I had leftover paint from the front decks.

9 July 2021 – I planted these on the 8th of June. And now look at them! Check out the photo above for the 8th of June!

10 July 2021 – Check out the Broccoli that Susan grew! I cannot believe how much food we get from this little plot of land.

11 July 2021 – Tagliatelle!  And I made it myself! Can’t get enough pasta.

12 July 2021 – Look at the beans now! Taller than I am!

13 July 2021 – Coffee on the patio in the morning. Seems this is where I came in.

And that is the year in pictures! We began last year on the 14th of July and so we end here, on the 13th of July, for a total of 365 pictures! It was actually a challenge getting the camera out every day. Actually, many of the pictures are true “selfies” made with my cell phone and most are actually with a camera, radio trigger and tripod. And all re of me which I am sure has been a chore for those who followed my project. I am not the most photogenic subject in the world.

But it has been fun and I will miss it. However, I will start a new project soon. Probably I will start at the beginning of September. But you will have to wait for that. No peeking!

The Selfie Project has been broken into Posts covering only two months of the year. Because I began the Project in the middle of July the posts are from the middle of the month to the middle of the month. This post is for 15 May thru 13th of July. You can jump to a different two months using the buttons below.