The setting for the concert was really nice. It was outdoors in Fleetwood Park in a garden setting. Lou had a stage set up and in front of it was a small concrete area for dancing.

The year 2020 and so far in 2021 Covid 19 has had us staying home, hugging no one, and missing our friends. It has not been a terrible hardship given our home and yard. There is lots of room and lots to do.  But we have missed our friends and we have missed our dancing. Actually they are one and the same thing.

But some weeks ago we got our second vacination shot and we feel more adventuresome. Elsa called us the other day to say that her son, Lou, was playing a concert for the Surrey Parks and Rec Department and suggested we come out for it. And she said, there might be a chance for some outdoor dancing. To sweeten the deal she then invited us over to her place afterwards for a snack and a glass of wine. That sounded like an evening of enjoyment to us.

So, two nights ago on Thursday, we set out at 5:00 pm for Fleetwood Park. I had been there as a child of 7 or 8 years old but not since so I had to look up how to get there. It was at the corner of 160th Street and 80th Avenue.

Most of Surrey is laid out on a grid so we had no trouble finding our way and there was lots of parking. There were girls at a table in front of the outdoor garden venue keeping track of things and they told us that as we were outdoors no masks were necessary and we could dance. We had brought two folding chairs and so we set our stuff down next to Elsa and Tony. Rose and Real were there as were the rest of Elsa’s family.

I came prepared to take pictures but it was late in the day and the sun was setting behind the stage. The setting sun was reddish in color and the green foliage of the park further warmed the light.  As a result the lighting color was not easy to manage.

In these pictures you can see that the light is overly green which is a result of the difficult lighting.

But lighting aside, I was able to take some reasonable pictures of Lou. He is a great entertainer and really puts everything into his performances. His music is very easy to dance to which I cannot say for every music group that plays at dances.

The stage was set in a small garden area in the park surrounded by hedges and a pergola covered in vines. In front of the stage we were glad to see a concrete area where we immediately began to dance. Not ideal but it has been so long we are happy to take what we can get.

The truth is that it has been too long and I found that I had forgotten many of our steps. I would start into them and then realize that my feet did not know where to go. But, nevertheless, we had a great time.

Valentina was there with Alisia. It was Valentina’s wedding in Mexico that we went to a year and more ago and now she and Jose’ have the most adorable daughter. We spent as much time talking to and watching Alisia as we did dancing.  There is something wonderful about babies and that applies double to this one.

It was not a long concert. Probably a problem with noise in the park after 9 or 10 pm. So we went back to Elsa’s where she had cooked pizza for us. We visited until about 11:30 and then set out for home. It was a wonderful evening’s entertainment. Great fun to be out dancing, visiting, and hugging old friends.

Nonno sitting with Alisia.

Elsa sitting with Alisia who is not too sure about the bearded bald man with a camera. Pretty wierd in her view.

Rose, Elsa and Susan sitting in our chairs beside the stage. It was a totally pleasant evening