The Selfie Project was over in July and I have been casting around for a new project and I have found one: for one year I am going to post on Facebook a picture of Susan every day. I hope I have 365 good pictures of her but I am pretty sure I do. They will not be in any particular order and they will jump here and there and all over the world.

Susan works so hard at home and she seldom lets me take a picture of her in her work togs. But when we travel she relaxes, dresses well and does not mind me taking her picture. So most of these pictures will be from our travels. A few are from home, like the first one below, but only when she has had time to get ready. Ahhh … vanity, thy name is woman!

Pictures on Facebook pass out of sight faairly quickly so I am going to post the same pictures in the same order here so they are easier to find.


No. 1 Well, it is 1 September 2021 and this is the beginning of the Susan Project. One day when I first knew Susan we were going out to see friends and she cut these flowers to take with us.

No. 2 – Here is a picture taken in our back yard. We were on our way out, again, and we stopped for this picture.

No. 3 – In 2014 we were in the city of Vasto in Abruzzo and Susan wanted to send me a message.

No. 4 – Several years ago we were in Hawaii with Tony and Elsa. One day we rented a car and drove around the island of Oahu. On the way we stopped at a lookout point and I took this picture of Susan.

No. 5 – Susan walking on Long Beach on the outside of Vancouver Island. We were staying at the Wikininish Inn.

No. 6 – Pausing on a bridge in Venice in the winter of 2019. A cold day but beautiful.

No. 7 – Susan is sitting in an old window in a ruined section of the Medici walls around Arezzo.

No. 8 – About ten years ago we were sitting in an Italian Restaurant waiting for our pizza. We were in Amsterdam which is a marvellous city!

No. 10    10 September 2021  – In 2012 we drove through Switzerland. Driving over the Brunig Pass on our way to Lucerne we stopped to take this picture.

No. 9 – In 2010 we were in Las Vegas with Tony and Elsa. We took a motor trip south into the ‘Painted Desert’ where Susan posed in this ancient rock formation.

No. 11 – The City of Vasto in Abruzzo looks out over the beach at Vasto Marina. We stopped in a great little restaurant here with this view!

No. 12    12 September 2021  – Susan married Guido when she was 16 years old and then came to Canada with him. This is the picture in her passport.

No. 14    14 September 2021  – Walking in the old Roman Forum we found this beautiful alcove off to one side.  Look how sophisticated the architecture is.

No. 18    18 September 2021  – In 2014 we travelled in Italy with Joe and Christina. Here they are in Rome by the Colosseum.

No. 15    15 September 2021  – In 2018 we spent Christmas in Budapest. On this day we walked up to the Castle on the hill. To do so we walked across the famous Chain Bridge that has stood here for 150 years.

No. 13    13 September 2021  – Two years ago we had an incredible crop of apples. I took this picture of Susan with the apples in our garden.

No. 17    17 September 2021  – Susan with her nephew Paolo in Rapallo

No. 16   – Susan is standing on the Grand Canal in Piazzale Roma, Venezia.

No. 19  – 19 Sepember 2021  

No. 20  – 20 Sepember 2021

No. 21  – 21 Sepember 2021

No. 24  – 24 Sepember 2021

No. 22  – 22 Sepember 2021

No. 23  – 23 Sepember 2021

No. 25  – 25 Sepember 2021

No. 26  – 26 Sepember 2021

No. 27  – 27 Sepember 2021

No. 28  – 28 Sepember 2021

No. 29  – 29 Sepember 2021  Today we are in Vondel Park in the center of Amsterdam. This is a beautiful park, very large, with lakes, trees and grass and meandering paths through it. A marvelous place to wander and enjoy being in this marvelous city. Walking there we found this swing hanging from one of the trees and Susan jumped on it while I reached for my camera.

No. 30  – 30 Sepember 2021 

In 2012 we were in Stockholm for a day and it rained the whole time. We got soaked but we had a great time. I had spent several weeks in Stockholm previously but it was Susan’s first time there so we made the most of it.
Here she is pausing by a fountain in the Gamla Stan or the old medieval portion of the city behind the Royal Palace. She is wearing a red cape she had bought the previous day in Helsinki.

No. 34  – 4 October 2021 Today we are going back to before I met Susan. This picture was taken, probably by Christina, at Susan’s granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. That was about 26 years ago. Looks pretty good for a grandmother!

No. 30  – 1 October 2021

In 2012 we drove from Berlin South along the Reine into Switzerland. Along the way we stopped in Heidelberg and spent an afternoon in the Schloss (Castle) Heidelberg which has a commanding view of the city and the Nekar River.
It was on the walkway in front of the Castle that I took this picture of Susan.

No. 32  – 2 October 2021  In 2003 on my first trip to Italy Susan and I drove to meet our friend Giuliana in Tremosine sul Garda. This was my first experience with the beauty of northern Italy. This is a picture of Susan I took on our way up the west side Lago di Garda.

No. 33  – 3 October 2021  Here we are again with the flowers. Susan and I went to Buchart Gardens in Victoria for this picture. For those who don’t know B.C. very well. Butchart Gardens is on Vancouver Island and is an incredible public garden close to Victoria. It is a dream location for the photographer!

No. 35  – 5 October 2021    A few years ago we were in Lausanne on Lake of Geneva. This boat is one of the famous steamers that travel between Geneva and Lausanne. It was a beautiful day and we spent a couple of hours walking in the park along the waterfront.

No. 36  – 6 October 2021  In 2019 we were in Arezzo and there was an exhibition of Mexican Art in the old Fortezza on the hill. I took this picture of Susan standing with these horse heads. An interesting picture.

No. 37  – 7 October 2021  Susan is back in Venice. It is January 2019 and she is on the bridge across the Grand Canal just outside the Stazione Santa Lucia. Great weather but it was cold. We dressed for it and it was no problem.

No. 38  – 8 October 2021  In 2012 we were in Positano. There are two beaches there, Spiaggia Grande and Spaiggia Fornillo. And between the two there is an enchanting walk above the ocean with stops along the way to look out at the Mediterranean. Here is Susan standing
in one of those view points with the Spiaggia Fornillo behind her

No. 39  – 9 October 2021  I took this picture in Positano on the walk from Spiaggia Fornillo to the Spiaggia Grande.

No. 40  – 10 October 2021  This picture is just down the street from us here in Burnaby in Confederation Park.

No. 41  – 11 October 2021  A few years ago we were in Hawaii with Tony and Elsa and I took a day to tour Pearl Harbour. We had a great time: saw the Pacific Air Museum at Ford Field, toured the USS Missouri, and went through the submarine USS Bowfin Here Susan is on the foredeck for the Bowfin by the 4″ main gun.

No. 42  – 12 October 2021  When Susan’s granddaughter Sabrina graduated from school we of course went to the commencement ceremony where I took this picture of Susan, her daughter Christina and grandchild Sabrina

No. 44  – 14 October 2021  We were in Berlin in 2012 in a restaurant and Susan was into her beer! Well ….. really no, it was my beer and she was playing for the camera! But you know, she looks good with a beer in her hands

No. 43  – 13 October 2021   We were in Switzerland in 2012 and I took this picture of Susan on the Brienzersee (Lake Brienz) as we drove from Interlaken to Lucerne over the Brunig Pass.

No. 45  – 15 October 2021    Two years ago Susan brought this beet into the house from the garden to prepare it for dinner. She posed with it but it was very hard and I actually had to cut it for her.