Cynthia brought me this picture of her which I believe is her Grade Six school picture.

Almost two years of Covid and I have become a recluse, avoiding people and wearing my mask. But I am vaccinated now and it is time to leave all that behind. I have been thinking that I have not seen my kids in a long time, at least not enough, and in the midst of these thoughts David called the other day to say hello. I suggested breakfast at IHOP to catch up with him and see Cynthia whom I was missing very much.

So, last Sunday, we met at the IHOP by Westwood Street in Coquitlam and had a great time. Cynthia is 11 now and in Grade 6 but she looks older. How time flies. I remember going out to see her when she was just a few months old. Now she is becoming a young lady.

Cynthia brought me her school picture for this year which is here on the left. And I took the picture below in the restaurant with my cell phone (yes I do take pictures with my cell phone!).  We will have to do this again.


Cynthia and I at IHOP for breakfast  on Sunday, October 31st.