So here we are at the end of February 2022 and launching into March and April of the Susan Project. The 1st of March is Day 182 which is about half way through our 365 pictures of Susan. I am actually some of the pictures I have taken of my sweetheart and some of the places we have been. I think maybe when we are finished this project that I will make a book of these pictures. That would be something I would enjoy when I grow old.


No. 184 – 03 March 2022 – In 2012 we were in a little town in Germany by the name of Korbach. Small and beautiful we had a great time. I was there on business actually and we were shown around by our friends Wolfgang and Jutta who live there. Here Susan is sitting in the center of the town with its old traditional buildings in the background.

No. 182 – 01 March 2022 – In 2008 we were in Arezzo with Nico and Sam and I took this picture of Susan with them at the train station in Arezzo.

No. 185 – 04 March 2022 – We were in Basel Switzerland in 2012 and this flowered round about was just in front of our hotel.

No. 183 – 02 March 2022 – In 2012 we were in Copenhagen and I took this picture of Susan in the famous Nyhavn District.

No. 186 – 05 March 2022 – Several years ago Susan and I were driving in the Interior of BC and we stopped at the ski resort of Sun Peaks. This was in the summer so it was warm and beautiful to be outside. I took this picture of Susan on a covered bridge across a small river that ran by the village.

No. 187 – 06 March 2022 – I take Susan to Italy but there is a problem: she goes off kissing everyone in sight. It does not seem to matter how old they are. See what I mean?

No. 188 – 07 March 2022 – We are in Estonia in the Capital City of Tallinn. I was not going to go ashore from our cruise ship but when I came on deck and saw how beautiful it was I could not wait. We stopped for lunch at this small restaurant where I had herring with boiled potatoes. It was fantastic!

No. 189 – 08 March 2022 – We are past half way in the Susan Project. In 2004 we were in Hawaii for my son Flynn’s wedding and then we spent a few days on Maui. Here we are standing in Lahaina by the water.

No. 190 – 09 March 2022 – In 2012 we were driving in Swizerland from Basel towards Lausanne when we passed a huge field of corn. We stopped to admire it and I took this picture of Susan. This field stretched as far as we could see!

No. 191 – 10 March 2022 – This time Susan is sitting on the shore of Lake Como. The buildings in the background are in the town of Bellagio.

No. 193 – 12 March 2022 – In 2013 Susan and I were in Penticton when I took this picture of her. 

No. 192 – 11 March 2022 – This girl is just my cup of tea! We took this picture at Disneyland in 2010 while in LA for my Niece Mary’s wedding.

No. 194 – 13 March 2022 – In 2012 we were in Amsterdam. Every time we visit that wonderful city we spend an afternoon in the Albert Cuypt Straat Market. It is a wonderful outdoor market very near the center of old Amsterdam. Susan loves the shopping and I go for the Nieuwe Herring (look it up). I took this picture of her there in 2008.

No. 195 – 14 March 2022 – About 16 years ago Susan and I took Caesar’s children on the bus and the commuter ferry across to North Vancouver where we had lunch. I took this picture of her with her grand children. In the picture are, from left to right, Samantha, Dominic, Susan, Shiela, and Nico.

No. 196 – 15 March 2022 – We have been to Las Vegas several times. A few years ago I took this picture of Susan outside the New York New York Casino on the Strip. Las Vegas is always fun. We don’t gamble but still the town is incredible fun. It is truly a Disneyland for grown-ups. At least it is for these grown-ups!

No. 197 – 16 March 2022 – About 20 years ago we welcomed Susan’s grandson Dominic into the family. He was Susan’s delight and she could not get enough of him.

No. 200 – 19 March 2022 – A few years ago Susan was working in the garden. Caesar was helping her trim the palm tree. It is amazing to me how she can transition from working in the yard to such elegance when that is required. She is amazing.

No. 202 – 21 March 2022 – Our last time in Venice, January 2019, we decided to do things we had not done before. We walked across the Ponte Accademia into the area known as the Dorsodouro where we had never walked before and I took this picture of Susan on the south side on the Fondamenta Zattere Ponte Lungo.

No. 198 – 17 March 2022 – In 2019 we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and we went on a boat across the bay to see a theatrical performance. On the way people we met on the boat took this picture of Susan and I.

No. 199 – 18 March 2022 – Susan loves to shop. In every city we visit the stores are her joy! It works well because while she shops I walk around taking pictures. We were in Berlin in 2012 and I took this picture through a store window.

No. 201 – 20 March 2022 – On the embarcadero in Puerto Vallarta there is a beautiful bronze statue of two Mexican dancers. People walk by often without noticing it but it is really a remarkable piece of art.

No. 203 – 22 March 2022 – In 2019 we were in staying at the Melia hotel in Puerto Vallarta and this bench was down by the water. It was obviously intended as a spot for photographs. I love settings like these because they make for great vacation photos.

No. 204 – 23 March 2022 – We spent Christmas 2018 in Budapest. On our third day we went for a walk on Margaret’s Island which is in the middle of the Danube River. As we walked by the river Susan said that in three days she had still not put her hand into this famous river. We came to a set of stairs down to the water so she went down to touch the river and I took this picture. You can see the stairs coming down from the right edge with Susan at the bottom by the water. Yes, it was a cold winter day!

No. 205 – 24 March 2022 – Several years ago now we went on a cruise to Alaska with my daughter, her husband and friends, and my sister. I took this picture as we waited in the cruise ship terminal in Vancouver to board the ship. That is my sister, Ann, on the right.

No. 206 – 25 March 2022 – On the same Alaska cruise we talked about yesterday I took this picture on the ship before we left the harbour. From the left is my daughter Kathleen, her husband Colin, my sister Ann, and then Susan and I.

No. 207 – 26 March 2022 – An now for something completely different. In 2011 we were in Pearl Harbour on the Battleship Missouri. What a magnificent machine! I took this picture on the ship. A neat picture of someone who thinks no one should own a gun.

No. 208 – 27 March 2022 – Near our home is a Garden dedicated to Italian immigrants who came to Canada. Part of the park is the Opera Walk with figures of famous opera characters. Susan is here with Rigoletto.

No. 209 – 28 March 2022 – In 2005, I think it was, I took this picture of Susan with her sister Pierina while we were visiting at her home which was between Arezzo and Capolona. 

No. 210 – 29 March 2022 – In 2011 we were at the beach in Waikiki. For all the people who use this beach, it is still really nice. Here is Susan about to venture out in a kayak we rented. She is not a “water person” and it was funny to watch her try to manage two feet of water! From her reaction you would think she was in the middle of the Pacific and not on a shallow sandy beach.

No. 211 – 30 March 2022 – In 2014 Susan and I were in Cuba and our friend Tony, who was travelling with us, took this picture of the two of us on the beach in Veradero.

No. 212 – 31 March 2022 – On a trip to Cuba in 2014 we went on a cruise out of Havana for ten days with friends from Vancouver and Italy. This picture was taken of Susan and I at dinner one night by people sitting with us.

No. 213 – 01 April 2022 – This picture has several problems not the least of which is the distortion caused by the wide angle lens. However, it shows a serious side of Susan that I like. We were in Italy in 2014 sitting outdoors at a restaurant for lunch.

No. 214 – 02 April 2022 – This is my sweetheart in her garden where she is truly happy and carefree. And she is not concerned with appearances. But this is the real girl I love! The picture was taken last summer.

No. 217 – 05 April 2022 – A few years ago we were at Christina’s for dinner and I took this picture of Susan with her daughter.

No. 215 – 03 April 2022 – A few year ago in Budapest we needed directions and so Susan approached a policeman for help. He was not very helpful!

No. 216 – 04 April 2022 – Two years ago I took this picture of Susan on the front stairs of our home. Around her are some of her wonderful flowers.

No. 218 – 06 April 2022 – Christmas in 2018 I took this picture of Susan on Castle Hill in Budapest. We had a wonderful Christmas in Budapest that we will never forget.

No. 219 – 07 April 2022 – In 2009 my father took mother, my sister and I and Susan on a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and back. On the trip we had this picture taken of the five of us.

No. 222 – 10 April 2022 – Several years ago we were in Las Vegas and I took this picture of Susan at the Luxor Casino.

No. 223 – 11 April 2022 – In 2009 we were on a cruise to Alaska and the ship’s photographer took this picture of Susan and I in the dinnng room. I could not have done better myself!

No. 225 – 13 April 2022 – In 2014 Susan’s brother-in-law took us up to see his new olive orchard. I took this picture there of Susan with Franco and her sister Franca.

No. 220 – 08 April 2022 – About twelve years ago we were babysitting my grand daughter Olivia and she was helping Susan in the garden. 

No. 221 – 09 April 2022 – Here Susan is making a birthday cake for me earlier this year.  And, yes, it was as good as it looks!

No. 224 – 12 April 2022 – When Sam was much younger, about 10, Nonna and I took her dancing. She dressed up in some of her Nonna’s clothes and off we went. It was a wonderful evening.

No. 226 – 15 April 2022  – About a block from our house is a park with this beautiful Wysteria vine. I took this picture about four years ago.

No. 226a – Here Susan is standing on the lip of the Diamond Head crater above Honolulu. (I added an extra picture into the series at this point so it has no date on it.)

No. 227 – 16 April 2022   Here Susan is leaning on the rail of our ship on the way to Alaska in 2015. As you can see we had beautiful weather. It was cool, Susan is carrying a sweater, but sunny and clear.

No. 228 – 17 April 2022 In 2017 we were cruising in the Gulf of Mexico. On the way down to dinner in the ship’s dining room I took this picture of Susan.

No. 229 – 18 April 2022  Susan is playing with her grandchildren. From the left, Nico, Susan, Dominic, Shiela and, on the right, Sam. Of course this is many years ago. Everyone is grown up now!

No. 230 – 19 April 2022 Susan’s 75th birthday on our patio. She has her birthdayand she has her birthday cake in front of her.

No. 231 – 20 April 2022 In 2007 we were at Joe and Christina’s for diner and I took this picture of Susan with her grand daughter Sabrina.

No. 232 – 21 April 2022 We were on our way out to dance class in 2007 and we stopped by Susan’s flowers in the back yard where I took this picture.

No. 233 – 22 April 2022  Yesterday we were on our way to dance class when I took a picture by Susan’s flowers. Well, later that night at our dance class a friend took this picture of us on my camera.

No. 235 – 24 April 2022  In 2008 Anastasia, Susan’s sister in law, came down from Powell River and the two of them spent the morning making ciambelli. Very popular around here!

No. 234 – 23 April 2022  Say, did I ever tell you about the time in 2012 in Venice that Susan had a run in with the police? Well …. maybe the less said the better. You will have to ask her.

No. 236 – 25 April 2022 This is an old picture, taken about 2002 03 2003 at a dance at the Italian Cultural Center. Its not the best picture technically but it is Susan. She loves to dance.

No. 237 – 26 April 2022 Staying with old pictures, I don’t know when this picture was taken Again it is very old and not the best quality. I think this was taken while Susan was living in Powell River.

No. 238 – 27 April 2022  It is 2002 and we were at Benito’s and Angolina’s for dinner. Nico was there as well (no not our Nico but rather Benito’s grandson Nico.)

No. 239 – 28 April 2022 Susan is standing with my sister and my father as we cruised up to Alaska. This would be 2009.

No. 240 – 29 April 2022 In 2007 we went out for Sushi with Caesar and his family. Here Susan is sitting with her grand children Dominic, Nico and Samantha.

No. 241 – 30 April 2022  When I first met Susan 22 years ago she babysat for her grand children Sam and Nico a lot. Here she is feeding Samantha at our kitchen table. Sam is a bit bigger now!

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