And now we start our fifth two month period of the Susan Project. I was worried in the beginning about having enough good photos of Susan to complete our Project but it seems that we have plenty. I have been finding pictures I had forgotten about to add to those I already have ready. I think we could go on for several more months. So its all good news.

Day 242 – 01 May 2022  A few years ago we stopped for a day on Roatan, and Island off the coast of Honduras. Where the ship tied up they had a small tourist market with little shops along a boardwalk. Very pleasant.

Day 243 – 02 May 2022  In June of 2007 Susan and I were out for a walk not far from our house and we stopped to rest. I took this picture of Susan sitting on the grass with a million tiny flowers around her.

Day 244 – 03 May 2022  In 2010 Susan babysat for my son Flynn and his wife Keiko. We spent a lot of time with Olivia that summer. Here Susan and Olivia are in the hammock in the backyard.

Day 246 – 05 May 2022  In 2014 we were in Arezzo which is Susan’s home town. We were at her brother Celso’s for lunch and I took this picture of the two of them.

Day 245 – 04 May 2022  In 2010 we were in Las Vegas for several days and we went to see a show called Viva Elvis. It was in the theatre at l’Aria Resort and Casino. In the lobby Susan found Elvis himself (before he left the building!).

Day 247 – 06 May 2022  Around the time I first met Susan, back in 1999, we were invited to a party at her son Caesar’s house. Here is a picture of Susan with me holding Samantha on my lap. That was a long time ago and she is bigger now!

Day 248 – 07 May 2022  In 2009 we were cruising up to Alaska with my family and on the ship this picture was taken by the ship’s photographer of my sister and Susan with me. My Dad took us all on this cruise.

Day 249 – 08 May 2022  In 2012 Susan and I were in Berlin for a few days. We fell in love with it! What a beautiful city. And one day at lunch I took this picture. Now, in truth, Susan does not drink. That is my beer.

Day 250 – 09 May 2022  In 2009 we were in Glacier Bay Alaska when a fellow passenger took this picture of Susan and I. Behind us is the Hubbard Glacier. The day was not cold but all that ice made the air cool!

Day 251 – 10 May 2022  In 2012 we were in the mountains above Grindewald in the Swiss Alps. It was a beautiful day and we had taken the chairlift to the top of the world. It was spectacular! We could see a trail down which would have been a wonderful walk. But we didn’t have enough time. It would have been a long hike.

Day 252 – 11 May 2022  Several years ago I took this picture of Susan amongst her flowers in the back yard: in this case they were Black Eyed Susans.

Day 253 – 12 May 2022  The first time Susan took me to Italy, that was 2002, we went to Florence and just outside the Uffizi Gallery, by the Arno River, Susan was looking at scarves being sold by one of the many street vendors there. Immigrants and refugees to Italy have trouble finding work so they sell souvenirs to tourists in the street.

Day 254 – 13 May 2022  Several years ago we had a wonderful crop of apples from our garden. Here is Susan looking at her apple harvest. This was all from one little tree.

Day 255 – 14 May 2022  In 2012 we were in Helsinki in Finland and I was able to take this picture of Susan. Then she took one of me and when we got home I was able to combine the two pictures into one.

Day 256 – 15 May 2022  Every year Susan has the back patio surrounded by flowers. It is such a joy sitting there in the summer surrounded by the the colors of the flowers and plants.

Day 258 – 17 May 2022  Well, here in Vancouver, if you are Italian then you play Bocce. Here we are in the park just down the road from our house where Susan is playing with some of her friends..

Day 257 – 16 May 2022  This picture I took at the Villa Teresa in Cavriglia which is near Montevarchi in central Tuscany. It was 2012 and we had a glorious summer in Europe. We were staying in an 18th century villa for a week.

Day 259 – 18 May 2022  Several years ago we were in Susan’s town in Italy and I took this picture of her with her sister in law Angiolina. We were in her brother’s butcher shop in Capolona not far from where Susan was born.

Day 260 – 19 May 2022  As I have mentioned before, we live in a wonderful area where there are forest trails to walk all the way down to the ocean. Here we are on the trail to the water.

Day 261 – 20 May 2022  We were out for a walk in the park around Burnaby Lake. Susan had brought seed to feed the birds which she did. When the birds realized what she had there was quite the commotion!

Day 262 – 21 May 2022  In 2012 we were in Stockholm for a day and I took this picture of Susan in front of the Royal Palace.

Day 263 – 22 May 2022  Several years ago we spent New Years Eve at a resort in Washington State with Joe and Christina. We had a chalet with two bedrooms and a kitchen. We spent three great nights there. 

Day 264 – 23 May 2022  I want to show off the woman I live with … and … show off my photography. Aren’t they beautiful!

Day 265 – 24 May 2022  Several years ago I was on Vancouver Island with Susan and I took this picture of her at Butchart Gardens.

Day 267 – 26 May 2022  In 2013 I took this picture of Susan in the park near our home.

Day 268- 27 May 2022  On my first trip to Italy in 2002 we went to Venice where I took this picture having a drink at a cafe in the Piazza San Marco.

Day 266 – 25 May 2022  In 2012 we were in Bellagio on Lake Como and I took this picture of my sweetheart.

Day 269 – 28 May 2022  This picture of us was taken in Ottawa’s Bytown Market while we were having lunch with Sam who was attending Carleton University.

Day 270 – 29 May 2022  In 2019 we were driving from New Brunswick to Ottawa to see Sam and along the South shore of the St. Lawrence River we stopped opposite Quebec City and I took this picture of Susan with Quebec in the background. It was March and there was still snow on the ground, as you can see.

Day 271 – 30 May 2022  In 2002 Susan took me to Italy for the first time and we went up to Rapallo to see her brother Agosto and Sister-in Law Francesca. Rapallo is just to the North of the Cinque Terre and we took a boat South to Manarola. On the boat leaving Rapallo I took this picture of Susan.

Day 272 – 31 May 2022  in 2017 we were in Cuba and took a cruise out of Havana. The ship stopped for a day in Costa Maya, Mexico, and we spent several hours on shore. Along the way Susan found a friend to talk to. He was not tied or caged and he seemed to enjoy the attention of people passing by.

Day 273 – 01 Jun 2022  In the fall of 2006 we took a “relocation” cruise on the Island Princess to Los Angeles. It was only three days but it was my first time on a cruise ship so I could try it out. Turns out I love cruising. Anyway, as we were boarding the ship they had a photographer who took this picture of Susan and I.

Day 274 – 02 Jun 2022 When Susan’s children were teenagers she and Guido had a family portrait done. It has hung on our wall for years and finally I took it down and photographed the only print she has of the picture. It is a really lovely family portrait. The style is dated but it is a great picture.

Day 275 – 03 Jun 2022  In 2015 we were cruising off the coast of Alaska when I took this picture of Susan at the rail on the stern of the ship (the stern is the blunt end opposite the pointy end for you land lubbers.)

Day 276 – 04 Jun 2022  We were in Rome in 2012 with Nico and Sam and I took this picture of Susan with the kids at lunch.

Day 277 – 05 Jun 2022  One day a few years ago on our walk not far from the house I took this picture of Susan in the Fall leaves. The fall is such a pretty time in Canada.

Day 278 – 06 Jun 2022  Susan loves her garden and she works at it all summer. And sometimes I can catch her taking a break to just enjoy her flowers.

Day 279 – 07 Jun 2022  Lausanne, Switzerland, and we found a lovely garden as we walked along the street. Susan stepped behind the hibiscus blossoms and I took this picture. It was a simple snapshot but looking back on it, the picture turned out very well!

Day 280 – 08 Jun 2022  In 2014 we drove over the Brunig Pass through the Alps on our way to Lucerne and we stopped to admire the view of this beautiful valley.

Day 281 – 09 Jun 2022  Susan and I were out at YVR on our way somewhere and we were playing around with the stuffed display in front of one of the stores.

Day 282 – 10 Jun 2022  In 2002 Susan took me to Italy for the first time and we went to Venice, of course. I was shooting film at the time so this image is scanned from film. Quality is not the best as you can see but such was my photography in those days.

Day 283 – 11 Jun 2022  In 2008 we were in Arezzo with Nico and Sam and one day we went out to Vogognano to a property Susan’s dad used to own. I took this picture of the three of them there.

Day 284 – 12 Jun 2022  In 2012 we were in ST. Petersburg for two days while cruising in the Baltic. On the day we left I took this picture of Susan standing at the rail of the ship with St. Petersburg in the background.

Day 285 – 13 Jun 2022  I like this picture. We were on Orcas Island in Washington State walking on Mount Constitution. We were staying at Rosario Resort with Joe and Christina for New Years.  Joe took this picture of Susan and I with the Gulf Islands in the background. The view is to the North into British Columbia.

Day 286 – 14 Jun 2022  2012 and we awere travelling somewhere but I don’t recognize the train station. However, I recognize the girl!

Day 287 – 15 Jun 2022   In 2012 we were in Korbach in central Germany and we found this bronze statue in a city square. That year we had a wonderful two weeks in Germany and Switzerland.

Day 288 – 16 Jun 2022  We spent Christmas week of 2018 in Vienna. This nut cracker was outside the Hotel Sacher which is famous as the home of the “Sacher-Tort” Viennese cake.

Day 289 – 17 Jun 2022  In 2012 we were in Monte Carlo and Susan is sitting on a fountain in the park in front of the famous Monte Carlo casino.

Day 290 – 18 Jun 2022  Several years ago Susan and I were on the BC Ferry to Vancouver Island and I took this picture of her on the deck of the ship.

Day 291 – 19 Jun 2022  My first trip with Susan after I met her was to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico in 2001. We stayed in Jose del Cabo and walking into town we would pass cactus and bougainvellia along the path. 

Day 292 – 20 Jun 2022  Susan’s friends took her to lunch on her 72nd birthday. Not bad for 72 years old!

Day 293 – 21 Jun 2022  In 2015 we were on our way to Alaska and I took this picture of Susan standing at the rail of our ship. In the background is the Vancouver skyline and a bit of Stanley Park.

Day 294 – 22 Jun 2022  In 2017 we were on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. We love cruising because we can usually dance every night. We like the early seating in the dinning room so we can go down to the lounge early and dance all evening.

Day 295 – 23 Jun 2022  In 2005 we were travelling in Italy with our friend Sherry. We had dinner one night at Benito’s, Susan’s brother, house and I took this picture. Benito and Angiolina are on the left with grandson Nico. Back row are Nico’s parents and Sherry is on the right.

Day 296 – 24 Jun 2022  Susan with the Chimera of Arezzo. This pre Roman Etruscan bronze was buried in ancient times and discovered by workmen in 1553 as they worked on the wall around Arezzo. 

Day 297 – 25 Jun 2022  When we left Arezzo in January of 2019 Franco, husband of Susan’s sister Franca. drove us to the train station as he always did. We didn’t know then that this was the last time we would see Franco. He was the face of Italy for me. He made me welcome. Even now it brings tears.

Day 298 – 26 Jun 2022  In 2002 I took Susan over to our family cottage in the Gulf Islands. As there is no ferry service or bridge to the island you must go by boat.

Day 299 – 27 Jun 2022  And this is the cottage. We are making our dinner, well, marshmellows.  Primitive but wonderful.

Day 300 – 28 Jun 2022  Two years ago we were walking around Burnaby Lake with our friends John and Vi not far from our home and I took this picture of Susan near the Turtle Nesting Area on the edge of the Lake.

Day 301 – 29 Jun 2022  In 2015 off the coast of Alaska I took this picture of Susan at the railing of the ship.

Day 302 – 30 Jun 2022  I can’t recall the date but I took this picture of Susan in Tallinn in Estonia.

So that is May and June. The Susan Project has been broken into Posts covering only two months of the year because the pages get overly long with more than 60 pictures.  You can jump to other Sections using the buttons bellow.