Here we are at the last section of the Susan Project. When we are finished with this section we will have posted a picture of Susan on Facebook every day for a year and then posted them here on our family website. Going over the pictures I see that my bookkeeping has not been that good and I have used a couple of pictures twice. Well, I never said I was perfect!

I have been enjoying my annual projects. That is two now: a year of me and a year of Susan. I am going to take a short break, maybe a month, and then I will start my third year. I think I will turn back to my archive of images and post a picture of our children and grand children every day for a year. That should be fun. Then, the next year I am thinking …. well, you will have to wait and see.

Day 303 – 01 July 2022  This seems a good place to start on a Canada Day. This was several years ago. Susan and I went into Vancouver for the Canada Day celebrations, as we often do, and I took this picture.

Day 304 – 02 July 2022  This is a picture taken while we were at Joe and Christina’s for dinner about two years after I had met Susan.

Day 305 – 03 July 2022  On our way to visit our friend, Bob Edward, about two years ago we passed this old tractor and I had to take a picture of it.

Day 306 – 04 July 2022  On our way to Mexico in 2019 I took this picture of Susan sitting with our friends Rose and her husband Real across the isle.

Day 307 – 05 July 2022  Susan is sitting in a restaurant on the island of Burrano in the Venice lagoon in 2019.

Day 308 – 06 July 2022  On our way to Burrano in January of 2019. At that time of year there are not many tourists in Venice and so we had the back of the traghetto all to ourselves.  On this trip we tried to Venice we tried to do things and see things we had not done or seen before. One day we went out to Burrano which is North in the Lagoon from Venice, and it was well worth the trip. Small but really pretty and we had a great meal in a restaurant there.

Day 309 – 07 July 2022  In 2019 we were visiting Samantha while she was at University in Ottawa. I took this picture of the girls as we sat at lunch.

Day 310 – 08 July 2022  Susan on the waterfront in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  I can’t remember the year we were there!

Day 311 – 09 July 2022    A few years ago we went
watch Samantha play soccer near our home here in Vancouver. Great photo opportunity!

Day 312 – 10 July 2022  On my first trip to Italy with Susan in 2003I took this picture with her brother Armando in his restaurant in Capolona.

Day 313 – 11 July 2022  This picture is from my first trip to Italy with Susan in 2003. Were were in San Marino at the restaurant “Il Nido” which is at the top of the highest street. The country behind Susan stretches away to the North towards Rimini and the Adriatic.

Day 314 – 12 July 2022  In 2012 we were in Susan’s sister’s home in Arezzo and I took this picture of Susan with some of her family. On the left is her sister Franca, then Susan, her brother Benito, Franca’s husband Franco and, on the right, Susan’s brother Celso. 

Day 315 – 13 July 2022  In 2008 we were visiting Susan’s brother Franco in Capolona and I took this picture of the two of them in Franco’s cantina. Franco was a butcher and he made his own prosciutto for his shop.

Day 316 – 14 July 2022  Susan was 16 years in Canada before she and her husband Guido returned to Italy for the first time. This would be about 1978. This picture is of Susan with all of her sisters taken on that trip. Susan is on the right, then in order of increasing age, Franca, Pierina, Maria and Angiolina on the right. Susan was the youngest girl.

Day 317 – 15 July 2022     Susan on a ship’s tender going ashore in Alaska several years ago. She is a great travel partner and pictures of her when she is having fun are the best!

Day 318 – 16 July 2022    We have been to Alaska by ship twice now and although the weather is not that warm usually the hot tub always is.

Day 319 – 17 July 2022  Our last time we were in Tuscany, in 2019, we spend a day driving in Chianti with Susan’s brother and his wife, Celso and Anna-Maria.

Day 320 – 18 July 2022  In 2014 Susan and I were in Arezzo and here we are having lunch under the Vasari Loggia in the Piazza Grande.

Day 321 – 19 July 2022  About 10 years ago my grand daughter Olivia spent a day with us and we walked down to the ocean to play.

Day 322 – 20 July 2022  In 2012 we were in Stockholm  and It rained all day. We had to buy cheap rain capes to keep us even a little dry. 

Day 323 – 21 July 2022  Several years ago I took this picture of Susan in Alaska with two cruise ships in the bay behind her.

Day 324 – 22 July 2022  In 2014 we were with Joe and Christina in Abruzzo where Joe was born. Out for a walk one day we walked past a field of pumpkins and squash and Susan wanted a picture of herself in the field.

Day 325 – 23 July 2022  In 2005 we were in Italy for the wedding of Giuliana and James above Lago di Garda where I took this picture of Susan. I can never get over how beautiful she can be!

Day 326 – 24 July 2022  I took this picture of Susan in 2006 on the balcony of our room on the Island Princess on our way to Los Angeles.

Day 327 – 25 July 2022  On April 8th of this year we had a birthday party for Dominic at our house. In the picture with Susan is Dominic, of course, Caesar behind him, Sam beside, and Sam’s partner Bianca behind her. 

Day 331 – 29 July 2022  About ten years ago we were at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island when Susan saw these hanging baskets. She is a master at hanging baskets in her own garden so she was really pleased to see these.

Day 328 – 26 July 2022  In 2012 we were in Copenhagen for the day and we found ourselves in a beautiful garden near our ship. Perfect for a picture.

Day 329 – 27 July 2022  In 2015 we were on our way to Alaska and the ship had a beautiful health spa decorated as a Thai temple.

Day 330 – 28 July 2022  We were in Susan’s town of Arezzo several years ago and she was hamming it up for the camera at the local supermarket!

Day 330 – 28 July 2022    At Christmas in 2016 we were at Joe and Christina’s for dinner. What a dinner it was! Polenta on the Board!  In this picture were are at the table ready to eat. Susan is sitting beside Barb Prosperi Porta and her husband Bett is above on the right end of the back row. At the Left end of the back row is Sabrina and her mom. On the table is the Polenta topped with lamb and sausage. It was incredible!

Day 333 – 31 July 2022  In 2017 we were cruising in the Caribbean and I took this picture of Susan on the deck of the ship, the MSC Armonia.

Day 334 – 01 Aug 2022  In 2012 we were in Innsbruck, Austria, and Susan stopped at a public fountain to fill her water bottle.

Day 335 – 02 Aug 2022    We are on the Isle of Capri in 2012. Susan is sitting on a piling in the main harbour of Capri Town.

Day 336 – 03 Aug 2022  In 2019 we were in Venice travelling to Burano. Susan is in the back of the traghetto (bus) when I took this picture.

Day 337 – 04 Aug 2022  Susan is standing with brother Armando’s wife Louisa and their children Stefanino and Manuele.

Day 338 – 05 Aug 2022  Susan is standing in front of the Parliament Buildings in Talinn, Estonia. This is a beautiful little city on the Baltic and well worth a visit!

Day 339 – 06 Aug 2022  About three years ago we went to visit my daughter and her family. Susan and I are standing with Kathleen and her son Paul.

Day 341 – 08 Aug 2022  We had a surprise birthday party for Susan on her 60th birthday. That is almost 20 years ago now. This picture was taken of her as we walked in and she was trying to figure out what was happening.

Day 342 – 09 Aug 2022  In 2012 we were in Arezzo, Italy, and this picture was taken in the Piazza Grande. On the left is Susan’s brother-in-law Franco and the couple on the right are Jim and Katie, friends of ours who were travelling with us.

Day 340 – 07 Aug 2022  On the 7th of August we went to a picnic in Confederation Park near our home where I took this picture of Susan sitting with friends in the shade. These Italian club picnics are great fun.

Day 343 – 10 Aug 2022  On my first trip with Susan to Italy in 2003 we were in Venice for a few days and we came across these street players. A silly picture but it was great fun!

Day 344 – 11 Aug 2022  In 2010 we were in Las Vegas with our friends Tony and Elsa. Another tourist took this picture of us at the fountain at the Bellagio Resort.

Day 345 – 12 Aug 2022  In 2008 we were in Susan’s town with Nico and Sam. Armando took us up to his farm in the hills above Capolona and while there Susan found a plum tree where I took this picture.

Day 346 – 13 Aug 2022  On my first trip to Italy with Susan in 2003 we were at her brother Celso’s. He is married to Anna-Maria and at the time they lived with her mother Sylvana who is pictured here with Susan.

Day 347 – 14 Aug 2022  In 2012 we were in Innsbruck for a few days and I took this picture of Susan in the cloister of the Court Church which also contained the tomb of the Emperor Maxmilian I.

Day 348 – 15 Aug 2022   August 15th is Susan’s birthday. This year we had the family over for dinner. Being Susan’s birthday she got to chose the menu: we had “take out” Chinese food!. On the left is Susan with her birthday cake. On the right is the family picture I took after dinner.

Day 350 – 17 Aug 2022  In 2008 we were in Arezzo in Italy and I took this picture of Nico and Sam with Susan, her sister Franca and her husband Franco.

Day 349 – 16 Aug 2022   Susan is standing at the top of the chair lift in Grindewald, Switzerland, in 2012.

Day 351 – 18 Aug 2022   Across the road from the Cruise Ship Terminal in Havana is the Convento di San Francisco in the Plaza di San Francisco. The Convent is now a National Museum. This doorway where Susan is standing is in the Convent.

Day 352 – 19 Aug 2022  In the Plaza di San Francisco is the Basilica San Francisco. We went up on the roof of the Basilica and that is where I took this picture of Susan. This was the same afternoon as the picture in the left.

Day 353 – 20 Aug 2022   Susan out for a winter’s walk in the snow near own home several years ago.

Day 354 – 21 Aug 2022   Susan and I on our first cruise together to Los Angeles. We then went to Las Vegas for several days. Look how beautiful she was!

Day 355 – 22 Aug 2022   Susan with Joe and Christina in 2014 at Mario’s wedding in Veradaro, Cuba.

Day 356 – 23 Aug 2022   Susan by the fountain in the main square of Amalfi in front of the Duomo in 2012

Day 357 – 24 Aug 2022  Susan cooking at the Villa Theresa in Cavriglia, Italy in 2012, with Katie and Jimmy.

Day 358 – 25 Aug 2022  Susan in a deli near our hotel, the Grand Hotel, in innsbuck, Austria, in 2012.

Day 359 – 26 Aug 2022  Here is Susan in 2014 at our resort hotel in Varadero, Cuba. We were there for a destination wedding of Joe’s nephew, Mario. The hotel grounds were lovely and the facilities for weddings were outstnding. Relatives were over from Abruzzo and we had a couple of great evenings sitting outside on the patio listening to Joe’s music and drinking rum.

Day 360 – 27 Aug 2022  In 2019 we were on Cape Bretton Island, Nova Scotia, and we went to the town of Mabou to see the Red Shoe pub. And here is the proof that we were there. I am told that all of the finest people have been to Mabou!

Day 363 – 30 Aug 2022  This is a very early picture of Susan, before she left Italy. She had just been married to Guido and they had yet to come to Canada. She would have been 16 in this picture.

Day 361 – 28 Aug 2022  Several years ago we were in Havana and I took this picture of Susan sitting on the sea wall with Havana Harbour behind her. Over her shoulder you can see El Morro light house and Morro Castle. The fortress was first built in 1589 in response to raids on Old Havana by pirates and British buccaneers.

Day 365 – 1 Sept 2022   Today’s picture is taken on Isola Mazzorbo in the Venice Lagoon. We were going to Burano and got off the vaporetto too soon. We had to walk across a bridge to Burano. 

Day 362 – 29 Aug 2022   Susan loves her garden and whenever we are in someone else’s garden she enjoys it as much as her own. Here we are at Buchart Gardens outside Victoria.

Day 364 – 31 Aug 2022  It was 2017 and we were at a resort on the Veradaro beach in Cuba. The water was really as inviting as it looks!

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