The Morning Reception

The morning of the Wedding, before the ceremony, we gather to see the Bride leave for the Church.

Barbara and Manuel had taken a new apartment to move into after they were wed. It was here that she chose to get dressed for the wedding. I presume, as the apartment was empty, she could lay things out and have some privacy. Now, there was an old custom, largely ignored today, that the guests would be invited to view the marriage bed before the wedding. So, on the morning of the wedding, partly in deference to this old custom, Barbara was getting ready for the ceremony, and the friends and family were invited to come to the new place for a little reception outside in the parking lot. And from there we could see the Bride come out and see her off to the ceremony. And follow her to the church, of course.

Luciano (Barbara’s Father), Maria, Antonina (Barbara’s Mother), Rosa (Joe’s Sister) and Joe

Joe and Christina the morning of the Wedding waiting for the Bride.

Rosa, Joe’s sister, and Joe outside the Brides new home.

Susan and Christina

Susan and I

Wherever Italians gather, there is food. When we arrived to await the Bride there were caterers setting up a marquis tent and putting out food. Although it was considered just a snack, it was excellent fair!