Our Summer BBQ 2018

Susan coming from her garden with vedure and radicchio for her fresh green salad for the party.

This year we decided to have a Summer BBQ for the family and friends. So on the 2nd of July, the holiday Monday after Canada Day, we began with a BBQ for Susan’s family and our, mostly, Italian friends. (Once we have recuperated from this party we will have one for my side of the family)

It was a great party, if I do say so myself, and we had a great time.By the end of the day, those who were not Italian were wishing they were!

We worked for several days to get ready. It seems to get harder every time we do this. The weather was not looking good and on Friday and Saturday and we considered cancelling everything. We watched the weather reports and they were optimistic so we were too. By Sunday it was looking pretty good and when we woke up Monday morning the weather was wonderful: sun and cloud and even a few drops of rain, but, all in all, perfect. 

The plan was to set up a 20 foot tent which I was to rent and then put Joe’s 10 foot tent on the end of it. That would shelter everyone from the sun and rain if the weather went that way.

I got the big tent home but there was no way Susan and I could put it up. Just too heavy. Our friends Vi and John came over and John and I, with the help of the girls, were able to wrestle it up. Then Joe and Christina arrived and Joe showed us how to secure it in place.

It all starts with the tables. Susan and I were able to get these out ourselves and I have my car open in the background to get the Tent and Chairs out.

Joe and Carmen with Joe’s music system (Well, not really. He has a lot more than this but we were a small party!).

Our tents are up, the tables covered and the chairs set.  In the background the patio furniture is on the grass.

Vi and Christina had both brought food for the party and they and Susan went to work getting everything ready. The plan was to eat “buffet style” with the food on the patio table. As others arrived their contributions where added to the table. Elsa was wonderful. She brought lots of stuff including polenta and her wonderful fried donuts ( know there is an Italian name but I can’t recall it). I managed to get one before they all disappeared.  I got the BBQ going as I had a lot to cook: chicken, Sausages and steak.

There is so much effort that goes into a party I regret that these things happen and then fade in memory and we forget what a great time we had. That is why I go to the trouble of taking the pictures and writing about the party. I don’t want to forget. Even now, with this family album just starting out, I enjoy looking back on good times we have had!

Since we were having a BBQ the BBQ was essential. Ours is not very big but it is well built and it folds down to take up very little space on our patio. I started cooking as people began to arrive and when Nico came home he helped me by taking over for a while. He’s as good as I am cooking.

Steak, sausage and chicken, the big three on the table.

It always amazes me the table that Susan and her friends put together. Well, I do the drink table but the food is Susan’s. It is so sad that when our generation passes the love of incredible food will pass from the world. At least, it seems that way. Good food with good friends is truly the meaning of life.

It was the day after Canada Day so Joe took it into his head to play O’Canada. Everyone was caught by surprise. We all came to attention and sang our anthem. It was a wonderful touch. And then, in the same spirit, Rosemary began the meal with a Grace.

Me standing with Doug and Anastasia by the stairs into Susan’s garden.

And then we got down to the business of the evening: dinner. There were chairs for all under the tent although some chose to sit out on the lawn.

From the Left, John, Will, me and Carmen.

Rosemary, me and Wilma.

Bernice and Aegide

Diane and Carmen

Diane and Rosemary

From the left, Rosemary, John, Carmen, Gino, the man and woman are the parents of Peter the boyfriend of Sabrina, and finally Antoniette and Peter. I don’t know where Peter and Sabrina got to. I have no pictures of them at the party but I know they were there for a little while.

From the left, Diane, Anastasia, Gino, Doug, Francesca in front of him and Elsa seated in front of her, Peter (blue shirt) Elsa seated, and finally Tony of the right.

Doug, Anastasia, Peter, Elsa, Tony and Elsa.

Back row: Rose, Elsa, Me, Doug, Anastasia, Antonietta and Peter.       Front row: Tony, Peter and Royal.

We cleared everything off the patio when people began to dance.

Me standing with Doug and Anastasia by the stairs into Susan’s garden.

Vi and John leading their Conga LIne around the table and yard.

Joe’s music was fantastic and without prompting people just got up and began to dance. Nico and Sam joined in and Vi and John got a conga line going around the yard. It shows you that people do love to dance. It is in them. They just need good music.

About 9 o’clock the sky began to turn dark and we had a little sunset in the Western sky. The air was still warm enough to sit out while we got into the coffee and appertivos. The lights were on under the tents and it was magical. It was not until around 10:00 or 10:30 that people began to drift away.

And that was our Summer BBQ. The weather turned out to be great: dry, not too hot, not too cold. It was a lot of work but we had a great time. Again, thank you to John and Vi for your help. Joe and Christina, you were great. We didn’t expect to end up dancing but when Joe’s music gets going, it is hard to resist.

After people began to leave John, Joe, Caesar and I got the big tent down and into my car with little trouble. I put the chairs in and I was all set to return them in the morning.

So, that is one down. Now we have to do it all over again for my family. Sometime in August I think. Stay tuned!