Blair Christmas Letter 2013

Bob and Liz send a Merry Christmas card to Everyone

Amy Alia Blair

Dear Friends and Family:

Merry Christmas from the five of us! Yes, I thought I’d get that whopper out there right away! As this letter is an annual one, some of you may be surprised to learn that Amy Alia Blair was born to us on May 10 this year 7lb 10oz, 21 inches long.

Justin and Keira are wonderful with her and she smiles, kicks and cranes her neck to see where they are at all times. Amy is a bright and happy little girl. She wants to talk so badly that she’s taken to staring us down in epic eyelock fashion, willing us to know her thoughts and feelings. Try as we might, the exchange often ends in N-ga!”, which I’m pretty sure is her way of cussing us out, or she’ll lean so far toward the desired location that we have no choice but to be steered that way. She is usually very agreeable and has perfected the fully stretched mouth smile to prove it. Our family is now complete – a little “snip” told me so.

Bob and I started the year with our 40th birthdays. Little did I know that my lovely Bob, and my very generous and thoughtful friend, Wendy, were conspiring together to have a surprise party for me. So, when I arrived early

at her house for “Book Club” I was horrified to discover many of my family and friends were arriving at her place for book club too!I had blown it! And yet, how wonderful! My kids with huge smiles, my family and friends there with hugs! I did eventually recover from the shock, but really don’t feel as though I properly thanked all of you who joined me in celebrating my birthday. It was very special to me and will always be remembered with love and appreciation for you all.

Bob and I also celebrated 10 years of marriage this July. It’s hard to believe that a decade has gone by since we said our “I dos” at Newlands here in Langley. We were treated to two special dinners out and babysitting services! It was so pleasant to actually have an appetizer AND a dessert! Wow, the way to our hearts IS through our stomachs!

Justin’s been a busy guy this year. He started writing books in the summer, and cranked them out at an amazing rate when he realized there was money to be made by selling them to his family. We did have a chat about quality versus quantity when we started to hit one word per page, a quick drawing, and a ten dollar price tag at the end. Since then, the stories have matured and the quality has improved so much so that he sees the value of his craft and is wanting to keep them for himself to read at night during story time.

He’s also been busy with sports, playing baseball in the spring and soccer this fall. His confidence and skills have really developed as has a thick skin for playing some games in blinding rain and wind! It helps that he is promised a warm bath, hot cocoa by the fire and a movie when he gets home! Bob is a trooper for getting him to every game!

Keira started kindergarten in the fall. For every parent who’s ever packed a backpack onto a 4 year old and sent her into a classroom with unknown expectations and unfamiliar faces, you know how tough it is to walk away and trust that it will all go well. And it does.

Keira is made for kindergarten. She’s thriving under the care and guidance of her teacher. The other day she asked me to guess what she was drawing and when I gave her my guess she smiled warmly and said, “No, but good try, Mum!” (her primary teacher’s voice perfected). She’s writing and reading and counting everything she can manage and even asked for a 100s chart for her bedroom so she could learn to count. If you want a long game of hide-and-go-seek, play with Keira, she’ll count to 100 while you hide.

As we reflect on all of the happy events of this year, we also remember those we’ve lost. In January, my Dad’s older brother, Paul passed away. I am so grateful for the wonderful visits with Uncle Paul and Aunty Rhona over the years. There was so much of Dad in Paul and yet he was so much his own person. Nobody could sport a Hawaiian shirt like Uncle Paul. I so appreciate how he welcomed Bob so warmly into the Potter fold. Paul was great about keeping in touch through emails and airmail which was always very comforting. He was a thoughtful, kind and fun person and is deeply missed. Our thoughts are with Aunty Rhona, Alan and Eden and their families this Christmas. We also acknowledge the strength, courage and grace of our nephew and nieces as their parents move on with their own separate lives. You kids are constantly thought about. You have our love, and we wish you happiness, always.

If you are receiving this letter, it is because you are special to us. We wish you comfort, peace, hope and love. All the very best to you from Liz, Bob, Justin, Keira and Amy.