The Great Pumkin Carving - 2015

We go to Ann’s Annual Pumpkin Carving Party October 30th 2015

Pumpkins on Ann’s Doorstep

My two favorite Witches

I wrote earlier about Ann’s big pumpkins that she has grown for several years now. She told me that she and Bob, Liz, Mary and Dave have a pumpkin picking party when the children harvest their big, and small, pumpkins. I was out to her house just after the harvest and her house and Bob’s were surrounded by pumpkins of all sizes.

At the time she said that they then had a Pumpkin Carving party closer to Halloween. She invited Susan and I. So this past Friday night we went out to Ann’s and walked in on the most wonderful party.

Ann, Susan, and Liz with Amy

Ann had a light dinner on, snacks, dips, pulled pork do-it-yourself sandwiches, and hot dogs. Her food was beautiful and very much in keeping with the evening. I was hungry having worked all day and then not stopping for diner. It was perfect.

Avocado and Bean Dip

Veggies for the Dip

Jellied Bats, Spiders and other good stuff!

The Devil’s Eggs

And what was everyone wearing?

Ann, Susan and some guy with Hair! Everyone was in costume. It is amazing how that simple thing puts everyone in a party mood.

Dave and Mary

Bob, Ann and Mary

Bob and Liz Scarecrow

Bill and Dave

So when do we Carve the Pumpkins?

There should have been a prize for concentration!

Of course we had Apple Bobbing.

And then there was the Pumpkin Lighting

By this time the apple bobbing was over and some removed their wet clothes for the final picture of the Party Goers with their nights work on display!

And that was the Pumpkin Carving Party for this year. Ann and her kids did an amazing job. The young ones had an incredible time. I wonder if they ever got to sleep that night there was so much excitement. For a Halloween Party it was just about perfect!