The Laguna Azul

The Laguna Azul was a beautiful “All Inclusive” hotel on a magnificent beach. Our stay was a delight!

Joe and Christina at the entrance to the hotel grounds on a beautiful day!

When we were invited to go to Cuba for Ivona and Mario’s wedding we knew nothing about Cuba. The blessing was that Ivona had arranged a package at the Iberstar Laguna Azul where the wedding was to take place and we were able to simply sign up for the package.  As it turned out, it was a great choice.

The Hotel grounds are very large and there are several buildings surrounding a central courtyard which opened onto the beach a short walk through the trees. The central courtyard is full of pools, patios and beautiful vegetation. It is well thought out and lovely to walk in. I have seldom enjoyed a hotel as much.

Susan on one of the pool decks.

Beautiful swimming pools are everywhere.

At night the pools are illuminated and the vegetation is spotlighted creating a stunning spectacle.

In the center of this picture you can see an illuminated balustrade which surrounds a large patio. We spent our evenings there drinking pina coladas and smoking cigars.

The beach in front of the hotel was pure sand, almost white, and very soft under foot. It was a pleasure to walk on. And walk we did walk, up and down the waters edge in both directions. The slope was very gentle and you could wade out 50 feet and more and not be over your waste in water. Pleasant for swimming.

Our beach was crowded with deck chairs and we had our own DJ on the sand pumping out the music. It sounds like it might be annoying but it was rather pleasant. Outdoors the music does not carry far and we liked the latin tunes he was playing!

Our weather ranged from lovely sun to rather stormy but there was no rain. Lots of wind. But it did not spoil the fun. It was always warm and the stormy parts came and went quickly. But in the photos you can see a lot of cloud.

The one weakness in this lovely spot was the food: it was not very good. There was nothing wrong with it but it was bland. I don’t think anyone in the kitchen knew how to cook for an international audience. The fruit was poor. That was hard to figure on a tropical island. Not much fish though we were on an island and the beef was not good. The chicken was good, the beans and rice very nice. But that is a peasant diet and that is what they knew.

But there was one happy exception! We found a BBQ stand sort of hidden behind the main banquet hall that made great hamburgers. Joe and I had at least two a day and really enjoyed them!

Our first full day at the Hotel the staff were cleaning up the coconut trees and they had several fresh nuts they had pruned or picked up. They offered them to the guests, rather than throw them away, and Susan got one. They put a straw in it for her and it was very tasty. We later broke it open and ate the meat as well.

The grounds were lush with tropical plants and lots of small lizards and lovely white birds. In this image my back is towards the pools and we are looking up to the main hotel building and lobby. The patio I mentioned above can bee seen above the doorway behind Susan.

A sweeping view of the grounds with the wings of the hotel on each side. Beyond the trees and foliage is the wide open  Caribbean.

We enjoyed Cuba but the best part was the group we were with. It was great fun being in this resort with so many people we knew. Most nights we ate together and then gathered on the hotel lobby patio and drank and smoked great cigars and had a wonderful time. Joe had brought small battery powered speakers so we even had our own music with us. Our Cuban nights were magical!

So, who all is here in the lobby of the Laguna Azul? From the left, Susan, Jimmy, Katie, Joe, Anarita, Tony, Christina, Antonina and Luciano.