Nico’s High School Grad

Nico Prosperi Porta

The older amongst us never stop being amazed at how fast time passes. The young are tired of hearing about it because they have all the time in the world and it barely moves for them. Time is a process that accelerates with age. I met Nico when he was 4 years old and he has been ajoy. To me, to his Nonna, he will always be a little boy.

Which raises the question: who, then, is this handsome young man before us? Who is this we see walking across the stage to claim his due, finished with high school and about to launch into his post secondary education and adult life? We know it’s our Nico who towers over us but he is still our little boy.

The Graduation ceremony was held at the Red Robinson Theater in Coquitlam. We wondered why it was not in the school gym but when we saw how many people were attending we had our answer. The theater was packed! And it was a wonderful ceremony. Very nicely done.

Afterwards we were invited to Il Corsaro in Maple Ridge for dinner. This is a small restaurant that Nico and Sam have worked at and they opened especially for us for this dinner. It was wonderful. An intimate end to a wonderful day.