Canon Model IIB

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Your camera would appear to be a Model IIB. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/500th
  • Has a Slow Speed Dial
  • Top speed on Slow Dial 1/20th
  • Has a View Finder Selector Lever

Dates: January 1949 to July 1952

Produced: 14,400

Ser. Nos.:  21050 thru 42400

Historically the Model IIB is an important camera. This is the first rangefinder camera to have an adjustable magnification in the viewfinder to mach three different lens focal lengths. This Canon innovation placed the company in a powerful marketing position for several years until the industry caught up. (The viewfinder was still lousy notwithstanding!)

The IIB is essentially a Model S-II with neck strap lugs, a better accessory shoe and the new viewfinder. It is also interesting to note that this was the last Canon model to carry the “Canon Camera Company, Ltd.” name. Not important but interesting.