Shooting the Kodak Target 620

This is my Kodak Brownie Target 620. It is in new condition and fully functional. But then, there is not much to go wrong with it that cannot be easily fixed.

Knowing how you hang on my every word, you will undoubtedly remember my writing about acquiring a Kodak Brownie Target 620. Being in such good condition is is truly a machine worthy of the name “camera”. As I said earlier, I was anxious to actually try it.

Unfortunately, time is at a premium in my over busy life and I did not get around to it right away. I read about 620 film, and wrote about it, and even spooled a role of 120 film onto a 620 reel. But by then I was into a dreary winter of rain and snow and the picture taking was not the best. A holiday in the Caribbean intervened and then I got busy writing about that. But I was still thinking about my Target 620.

Finally, in frustration, I took the box camera and shot whatever was at hand. Well, as much as you can shoot in eight frames! I took a picture of Susan’s daughter and her family on their sun deck and then I went out into a snowy slushy day with no sun and used up the rest of the roll. This is not the way to pusue photography but I wanted to see what this camera could do.