Photos of Dad through the Years

These are a collection of random photos of Dad at various times in his life. This page is not intended as part of my website but for private reference. Copies may be downloaded by right clicking on the photo.

This is Lloyd (Bill as he was known before the war in Langley) and his High School Class. That is him in the back row, 4th from the right.

Dad’s High School Grad Picture

Air Force picture before he got his wings.

Dad with his “Wings”

I asked Dad which airfield this was and he could not remember but he thought it was in the North of England while he was training.

409 Squadron assembled. I do not know the date. Dad is seated in the front row, Second from the left of the seated men.

Dad and Joe Carpenter painting the side of their Mk XIII Mosquito MM590, at Hunsdon in 1944.

Dad and Joe beside MM590 in their flight gear.

MM590 at Hunsdon in June of 1944.

This picture of Dad and Joe was taken at Beauvechain in Belgium. ¬†On the edge of the aior field, which was not fenced, a local farmer was carrying a load of grapes in his wagon drawn by a horse. Presumable they were on their way to the wine press. Dad and Joe had been in England for almost two years and they had no fresh fruit to speak of in all that time so they asked the farmer for some grapes. He said to help themselves. I don’t know who took the picture, maybe the farmer, but it is a great shot.

Air Canada 1950

Air Canada 1967