Potted Black Eyed Susans

Susan’s Garden

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Well, my wife, Susan, was born and raised in Italy and her father supported his large family by farming.  And to this day Susan is an all together marvelous gardener.

I spend many happy hours with my cameras in her garden taking pictures of her flowers and vegetables. It is utterly relaxing and rewarding to wander there in the sunshine among the rosemary, sage, laurel, chamomile, roses, black eyed susans, irises, beans, beets, rapini, sun flowers, tomatoes; plants too many to name.

“The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet …..”

Sonnet 94


Friends will bring Susan potted miniature roses as gifts and these she puts in her garden when the blooms have faded. They always seem to grow and throughout her garden are all these tiny roses.

This image was taken with my Canon R and an EOS 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Obviously I played with it in post processing and I think I like the result. But yes, it is a photograph.

La Madonna dei Fiori – In Susan’s garden we have a statue (Susan is Italian – there have to be statues) of a woman who looks after the flowers. She has become my favorite model when I want to test a lens or camera and there are images of her all over this site. Every time I pass her by I tell her how beautiful she is.