Canon EOS 650

The Beginning of a New Line

Dates: March 1987 thru February 1989
Type: 35mm film camera
Lens Mount: Canon EF
Focus: TTL Phase Detection, all electronic
focus control
Exposure: 6 segment evaluative (matrix)
metering, Partial spot metering
Modes: Manual, Program, Tv, Av
Flash: TTL Flash Control thru Hotshoe
– 420EZ or 300EZ Speedlite
Shutter: Electronic – vertical metal focal plane
ASA/ISO: ISO 25 thru 3200
Battery: 2CR5 lithium

Notes:   The EOS 650 is the beginning of the line of EOS cameras from Canon. It was released in 1987 on Canon’s 50th anniversary ( the EOS 5D Mark III DSLR was announced on the 25th anniversary of the release of the 650) and was a completely brand new design using the new EOS EF lens mount. At the time it angered many Canon users with large investments in manual focus lenses that were suddenly obsolete. But Canon took a longer view of the future and foresaw where photography was heading.

The design philosophy relies heavily on the Canon T90 of 1986. The camera was aimed at the first time SLR buyer and average amateurs. The innovative electronic input dial so popular on the T90 was continued in the 650 as it has been on every EOS model since.

The EOS 650 body has a new oversized three-lug bayonet mount. This new lens mount has a very large diameter to permit the design of very fast lenses with large rear elements. There are no mechanical lugs and pins for mechanical linkage between camera and lenses for exposure control and information transfers between camera bodies and lenses. To that time, all AF SLR cameras available had utilized body-integral motors for lens drive and control. Canon had the foresight to opt for a lens-integral design. Two high-precision motors are integrated into each of Canon’s EF lenses to control lens action (one for focusing, and one for aperture control). So, Canon was the first 35mm camera manufacturer to use an entirely new, electronically-controlled lens mount in which a motor in the lens moved the diaphragm blades and another one drove the AF mechanism. This concept has since been adopted by many others.


In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-19

Serial No.:           1599852

Condition:           Excellent

Accessories:      Very Good 620/650 case

Acquisition:        17 Dec 2015


EOS 650 Manual

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