Canon EOS Rebel G

The 500N in Europe and New Kiss in Japan

This is the Rebel G in black finish. Image courtesy of Ken Rockwell.

Collection No: C-7

Dates:             September 1996

Type:               35mm SLR

Lens Mount:   Canon EF

Focus:              TTL Phase Detection three point AF System and AF Assist light

Exposure:        PASM autoexposure, 35 zone evaluative metering instead of conventional 6 zone

Flash:               Manual Pop-up

Frame Rate:     1 frame/second

Power:       Two CR123A (DL 123A) batteries.

Notes:                  This EOS Rebel G was sold internationally as the 500N and in Japan as the EOS New Kiss. It has an AF sensor for 3 focusing points displayed in the viewfinder’s image area. The focusing point can be selected manually by the user or automatically by the camera. Focusing the desired subject can be as quick as a more expensive camera. The following picture-taking modes can be set: Shutter speed-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, shiftable Intelligent program AE, Programmed Image Control modes, depth-of-field AE, program flash AE, and metered manual. The camera comes in silver or black.

Construction is all plastic even down to the lens mount. Instead of a pentaprism it uses a mirror prism which is much lighter.

In use, the Rebel G first winds the film to the end, and then shoots the frames in reverse order, exposed frames being wound back into the canister as they are exposed. Its frame counter always shows you the frames remaining as it counts backwards.

The Rebel G was an inexpensive film camera. Its advantage is that it weighs nothing and works great. It shoots in all exposure modes and has a modern evaluative metering system.

This camera was succeeded by the EOS Rebel 2000 in 1999.

Accessories available included a grip (GR-80TP), eyepiece extender (EP-EX15), E Diopters, dedicated cable release (RS-60E3), external battery pack (BP-8), and camera cases (EH8-L and EH-8LL).

Serial No.:    5503568

Condition:      Excellent except for back where an area has been scrapped to remove previous owner identifying marks.

Accessories:    None so far

Acquisition:    Craig’s list – 31 December 2015. Thank you, Zora.

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