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Canon Information in Print

Collecting cameras leads to all kinds of printed material: Instruction Books, Advertisments, Registration Forms, Boxes, even original Bills of Sale. So what do you do with this stuff? Well, my Canon Library is the answer. These are good sources of information and instruction and they are part of the back story to any collection. So, like the cameras, when I come across this stuff, and it does not offend copyright (with the possible exception of Canon’s – but look at the free advertising they get!) or trade on the work of another, I will scan and post these things right here in the Library. Again, I caution you to be patient. I am creating this site live on the internet so you can watch every step and view incomplete pages. It is easier for me and keeps you the more up to date.

I have a few dozen booklets in my possession which do not appear here. I will slowly be posting these here as time permits. I want to do really good scans which takes a lot of time (which I don’t have!). I am looking for more to include. If you are browsing here and you have some Canon material you don’t know what to do with, drop me line. I may be interested in it and if you send it to me I will share it with everyone in the Canon community.

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Camera Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual for Canon Model IV
Instruction Manual for Canon Canonet 28
Instruction Manual for Canon G11

Publication CDI-E410-030 (2009)

Instruction Manual for Canon 7s

Publication 52178

Canonet G-III 17/19 Instruction Manual
Manual for Canon 110 ED Camera
Manual for Canon AF35M II Camera

Publication C-IE-104

Canon Model VI-T Instruction Manual

Publication 419   ST-7-58

Manual for Canon P

Manual Focus SLR’s

Instruction Manual for Canon TX Camera

Publication IE1020Y

Instruction Manual for Canon AT-1Camera

Publication IE1034S

Instruction Manual for Canon Pellix Camera

Publication 5221C

Instruction Manual for Canon AV-1Camera

Publication C-IE-069S

Manual for Canon AE-1 Camera

Publication IE1027AD

Manual for Canon T70 SLR
Manual for Bell & Howell Auto 35 Reflex Camera

The Bell & Howell Auto 35/Reflex is a rebranded Canon EX EE. It was made by Canon and marketed in North America under licence. The lenses on this camera were branded Canon lenses.

Instruction Manual for Canon FT Camera

Publication A5265b

Instruction Manual for Canon AT-1 Camera

Publication CE1074H

Instruction Manual for Canon A-1 Camera

Publication C-IE-070X

Instruction Manual for Canon T50 Camera
Manual for Canon T80 Camera
Manual for Canon F-1 Camera

Canon F-1n    Publication A5366t

Manual for Canon FTb Camera

Publication IE-1012D

Instruction Manual for Canon AL-1 Camera

Publication C-IE-089C

Instruction Manual for Canon T60
Instruction Manual for Canon T90 Camera
Manual for Canon EX Auto Camera

EOS Film SLR’s

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 620-650 Camera

Publication C-IE-131D  (1987)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 850 or 750 Camera

Publication C-II-149D (1988)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 850 or 750 Camera

Publication C-IE-163A  (1991)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS Elan Camera

Publication C-IE-161F  (1991)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 10S Camera

Publication C-IE-152J  (1990)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS Elan 7 Camera

Publication CT1-1227-003

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 1-V Camera

Publication CT1-1223-000  (2000)

EOS Digital SLR’s

Instruction Manual for Canon D30 Camera

Publication H-IE-036-V1 (2000)

Instruction Manual for Canon 100D Camera

Publication CPH-E061-003  (2013)

Instruction Manual for Canon 300D Camera

Publication CT1-1241-000

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 10D

Publication CT1-1241-000 (2003)

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 50D
Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 350D Camera

Publication CT1-1287-001

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 10D

Publication CT1-1270-000 (2004)

Instruction Manual for Canon 60D Camera

Publication CT1-1040-000

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 400D Camera

Publication CT1-1011-001

Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 30D Camera

Publication CT1-1008-000 (2006)

Instruction Manual for Canon 70D Camera
Instruction Manual for Canon EOS 1000D Camera

Publication CEL-SE3RA210

Instruction Manual for Canon 40D Camera

Publication CT1-1016-000 (2007)

Instruction Manual for Canon 60D

Accessories Instruction Manuals

Manual for F-1 Booster T Finder

Publication 5370G

Manual for Canolite D Flash

This Booklet was actually a 7″ x 14″ sheet of very thin paper that came folded up in the box with the Canolite D. I have scanned and formatted it as a PDF booklet.

Instruction Manual for Canon Speedlite 277T

Publication C-IM-072K  (1981)

Instruction Manual for Canon Speedlite 277T

Speedlite 277T Manual (Publication No. C-IE-110D)

Bar-Codes for the Canon Bar-Code Reader E

Publication C-II-168  (1990)
This is a booklet of Bar Codes that came with the Canon Bar-Code Reader E

Instruction Manual for Canon Speedlite 300EZ

Speedlite 300EX Manual (Publication No. C-1E-134F)

Canon Promotional Material

Canonet 19 Instruction Manual

This Canon publication is a bit of history, a bit of self promotion, a lot of photographs, and a thoroughly good read.

Manual for Canolite D

This Canon publication is an advertisement and a discussion of Macro Photography showcasing Canon macro equipment. It is dated but very interesting.

Bar-Codes for the Canon Bar-Code Reader E

Publication C-IE-075AL

Instruction Manual for Canon F-1 Camera

This small Canon Catalog was packed in the box with a new Canonet 19 G-III


This is an ad for the Canonflex placed by Scopus/Brockway Inc., the company that managed Canon’s US distribution before Bell and Howell took it over.

The front of an ad poster packaged with a Canolite D flash unit

Canon Advertisement for T70 SLR

Ad for the T70 taken from the April 1984 issue of National Geographic magazine.

The back of an ad poster packaged with a Canolite D flash unit

Ad for Canon T90 Camera


I have acquired the following reference books on Canon Cameras, and cameras generally. Of course I do not have rights to the material in these works and cannot reproduce them here for you. However, if you are interested, I highly recommend them to you.

Canon Manual Focus SLRs – A Collectors Guide   Eric Skopec, Ph.D.   2011

This book is a godsend! I know very little about the Canon rangefinder cameras and start into collecting them will be expensive. This is a marvellous guide to the  whole subject with ample photographs, lots of history, and an explanation of the variations of each type. Peter has been a collector for a long time, has known and talked with people most of us will never have access to, and he tells us what he has learned. Completely invaluable. This is a book that I pick up constantly as I try to learn about these cameras. Buy it!
Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933-1968   Peter Dechert    Hove Collectors Books – 2001
Eric’s book is full of information. He describes cameras but I think the real value here is that he describes series, relationships, he makes lists, he makes the families clear. The style is different than Peter’s book (above) but this little volume is equally useful and very entertaining to read.


Ken has a huge site with information on many camera and equipment types. His Canon coverage is excellent.

George Pauka has begun doing what I am doing: documenting his camera hobby. But he has been doing simple repairs on his camera and telling about his adventures. Lots of pictures. This is a good site. I hope he keeps it up.

Canon itself maintains a wonderful website listing products and dates and, in some cases, good descriptions. A Valuable resource.

I’ve noticed here in Vancouver that a local chain of camera stores, Kerrisdale Camera, carries used cameras and has some very collectible items. Drop into their store on Lonsdale in North Vancouver and meet the store manager, Will Stiphout. He is a camera collector himself and very helpful. Will is more than willing to help you find something old or get you the latest in a new camera.

If you want to do any tinkering with your cameras, special tools are required. Your local hardware store will not have what you need. Having said that, a basic set of tools is not expensive and these folks have a grand selection.

Michael Butkus has collected thousands upon thousands of camera instruction manuals and he has scanned them and posted them on his website. I don’t know how he has managed this task! But if you are looking for a manual you will probably find it here.

Canon LogoThis page is not a review of this Canon equipment but rather a record of an item in my collection. I have no connection with Canon and receive no remuneration nor benefit for this listing. It is for my own use and possibly your enjoyment!.