What’s New at the Canon Collector

My work on this website does not proceed in an orderly fashion. What I write about depends on how much time I have on my hands, what new treasure I have found, or what train of thought has been triggered by something I have read. It can be confusing. So I have created this page that logs what I have done recently with links to the new material. I hope this helps you follow the Canon Collector.


25 Mar 2020 Redesign of the Collection Home Page
19 Mar 2020 I add a page for the EF 28-80 f/3.5-5.6 USM lens.
16 Mar 2020 I update my page on the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
12 Mar 2020 I added a Post for the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens
22 Feb 2020 Add User Manual for Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20 to the Library
20 Feb 2020 Added a Page for S Series (M39) Rangefinder Lenses and a new page for the S 50mm f/1.2 Lens 
6 Feb 2020 Added a User Manual for the 533G Speedlite and for the Canon Flash Unit B-II User Manual
28 Jan 2020 Added page about Canon Self Timers
20 Jan 2020 Added page about Batteries for cameras
16 Jan 2020 Added User Manual for Demi S
8 Jan 2020 Added Kodak DCS 500 Series User Manual to the Library
5 Jan 2020 I have added a page about Canon Clip-On Light Meters.
27 Dec 2019 Add page for the R 135mm f/3.5 lenses.
20 Dec 2019 Begin page for the EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 Lenses and add User Manual for EOS 1 Ds Mk II to Library
14 Dec 2019 I added the 300TL Flash User Reference Guide to the Library.
14 Dec 2019 Update Camera Menu and add page for the Canonflex camera.
1 Dec 2019 Create page for the EOS 20D and its variations
17 Nov 2019 I write up a new in-the-box FDn 70-210mm f/4.0 lens I just acquired
14 Nov 2019 Create page for EOS 10D and update Digital Camera Page
12 Nov 2019 Added User Manual for Rebel T6s to the Library
11 Nov 2019 Added the Rebel T6i User Manual to the Library
6 Nov 2019 Finished a page describing the Canon FDn 28-55mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom lens
31 Oct 2019 I add a User Manual for the Model IIS camera and a Brochure for the T90 camera
28 Oct 2019 Add Model SII Brochure (4 pages) to Library
27 Oct 2019 Add Canon Product Guide D5077K from 1976 or thereabouts
26 Oct 2019 Add Canon Catalogue 5077H (1963)
25 Oct 2019 Add EOS EF Lenses Brochure
25 Oct 2019 Add 30 page Brochure for the EOS 1N Camera and System
12 Oct 2019 Update EOS Digital Camera Page
7 Oct 2019 Begin Page for APS-C Enthusiast Cameras
31 Aug 2019 Added USer Manual for the EOS 90D.
26 Aug 2019 Added a Blog Post about the Brownie Hawkeye Lens and posted a User Manual for the Canon Camera Holder.
2 Aug 2019 Add User Manual for Rebel T4i or EOS 650D.
31 July 2019 I add a page sorting out FD 35mm f/3.5 lenses
29 July 2019 Added page on Canon Date Codes to the Canon History Menu.
23 July 2019 Posted an article on the FDn 85-300mm f/4.5 telephoto zoom lens.
18 July 2019 Today I added the User Manual for the EOS 1D Mk III Camera.
15 July 2019 Added a new User Manual for the Canon AV-1 camera and for the Rebel T5i camera.
14 July 2019 Post a discussion of photography from the 19th century.
8 July 2019 Today I have added a page describing the four variants of the FD 50mm f/1.8 lens. Since the last post I have also added several user manuals for various cameras.
18 June 2019 Add page for the Canon 500mm f/8.0 Reflex Lens and upload Manual for the Bell & Howell Demi camera.
15 June 2019 Add User Manual for Yashica 635 to Library; Write a blog post concerning a Police Incident involving taking photographs in a public park; Add User Manual for PowerShot Elph 145, 150, 155 to Library.
12 Jun 2019 Finished a post for the Joy of Light wherein I discuss Alfred Stieglitz and arguments in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries about the place of photography in the artistic world.
07 Jun 2019 Add article about New FD 35-105mm f/3.5 zoom lens with photo examples
01 Jun 2019 Add Brochure for the MC and MC10 cameras. Add user guide for the Powershot Elph 170IS and 160.
30 May 2019 Add brochure for Canon AE-1 to the Library
28 May 2019 Add brochures for the FTb and EOS A2/A2E cameras
26 May 2019 Post in Camera Notes about a new Yashica “D” recently acquired.
24 May 2019 Add Manual for Film Chamber FN-100 to Library under Accessories and an early Pellix QL Manual under the Manual SLR’s section.
23 May 2019 Update the Yashica “D” Manual to include missing pages. I have included this manual because I have acquired a Model “D”. 
22 May 2019 This page, What’s New, is created long with a new menu item in the sidebar to get to it. There is no link to it because you are already on it.

Canon Logo I am not in any way connected to or supported by Canon and I have no rights to any of their trade marks. I chose their camera line and have stayed with it although I cannot recall why. But a Nikon camera is fine technology and takes a wonderful picture. So too with Sony and the others. But I have been happy with Canon and so I have begun my collection here. Eventually I may add other brands to my range of interest but that is for another day.