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The internet is full of wonderful material but often it is awash in inferior material and hard to find. As I search through the ‘net’ looking for photography and art I come across some neat sites and resources. I don’t want to lose them so I collect their URL’s. If you are interested in what I find fascinating, have a look below. These sites all have caught my eye and I feel there is something of value in them. The common thread through all of them is inspiration: they inspire me. I hope they do the same for you! Just a note of caution: most of these sites are far more sophisticated and beautiful than mine. Don’t wander off and forget me!

General Photography

These sites are home to many styles and categories of photographers. It is the catch all for those who don’t fall into any particular category. That does not mean they are not interesting or creative. On the contrary, these are the traditional picture takers who do the bulk of the wonderful image making we are discussing.

Having discovered Paulette Tavormina I have been searching for Still Life photographers and have come across Kevin Best. I have become so excited about this form of expression it is all I think about photographically at the moment. And Kevin gives me much to think about!

I seem to be finding photographers who are following in the footsteps of the Dutch and Renaissance masters for style and subject material. Bill Gekas is from Australia and his portraits in a classical style have won him well deserved accolades from around the world. Do have a look at what he has been doing.

The still life paintings of the old masters, and some not so old, have always been beautiful to me. In researching Photo Art Galleries such as Beetles+Huxley I came across the name of Paulette Tavormina and found my way to her website. Wow! This is a “Must See”! Stop what you are doing and go there now!

Barbara Cole is another photographer that has mastered abstract images in the photographic medium. Her work is distinct from that of Denis Collette but equally compelling. Browse her portfolio and enjoy the stunning images she presents for our pleasure.

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Joe McNally is a photographer of a different sort. He is a photo journalist and has had his work, taken in 50 countries around the world, in all of the world\’s great magazines. It is hard to find anyone with credentials such as his. His website is wonderful and offers galleries of his work. An excellent experience.

Kilian takes wonderful pictures of northern and European landscapes. He is very accomplished both behind the camera and at the computer in post processing. Take an evening and study what he does. There is much to learn from this accomplished photographer.

Peter Lik

I have been into Peter Lik galleries in Las Vegas, Lahaina and Waikiki and I love this man’s work. So much so that I have talked about him in my blog. Take look there or go directly to his website. It is worth the journey.

So how do I categorize the photography of Benjamin von Wong? I suppose the word ‘fantasy’ is the most appropriate. Some of his images are truly amazing. He also has a strong presence on 500px and on SmugMug .  Check him out and prepare to be amazed!

Artur is a Canadian photographer who specializes in landscape photography. His work is impressive and his website is pure art work. You will enjoy a few minutes here.  I cam across his work at a Vancouver Home show and his prints are explosive. It is photography like this that makes finding the art really really easy!

There are many worlds in photography. There are large worlds that encompass the universe and there are tiny worlds that find a universe in the infinitely small. Miki has found alternate universes!

Dan Jurak is a photographer in Alberta who revels in the Alberta landscape. He has developed an interesting style and some of his photographs are truly inspired! He is a good example of a person who takes the pictures he likes and creates a style of his own.

Serge is a master of HDR and his site is worth visiting for that alone. He has a good eye for the cityscape, especially his night shots. But don’t take my word for it. Have a look for yourself! One word of criticism: he tries overly hard to sell you stuff. If you sign up for his newsletter you will be inundated!

Local Artists

Vancouver, and British Columbia generally, has many excellent photographers and artists who work locally. It is exciting to see what they are doing and look at their images of things and places that I recognize.

Sharon is a Vancouver photographer and artist who pushes the boundaries of photography and creates great images. I really admire those who try to take photography beyond photography into art.

Experimental Photography

I am not happy with this name. By “Experimental” I mean people who start with photography but heavily post process their images in an attempt to create something beyond photography. These are exciting people who are trying to take the craft to new and different artistic heights.

Look at this site! Andrea’s work is as exciting and fresh as it is abstract. She is taking photography to a place where you have to ask if it is photography at all! In her hands photography is simply a tool in her paint box and nothing more. I really like her work.

This is the website of Doug Landreth. He processes his images heavily with filters and textures to achieve interesting effects. His pictures remind me of photography from the very early days of the art and of lithographed prints. Very interesting.

Commercial Photography

By commercial photography I mean photography for fashion or advertising purposes as opposed to artistic work. At first I thought this category would be uninteresting but I have learned that the contrary is true. Some of it is wonderful. Take a look at these people!

Commercial photographers are represented by agents, apparently, and Suzy represents several, among them Benjamin Von Wong. Her website has a large portfolio of commercial images. It is interesting. Maybe not helpful in ‘finding the art’ but it does educate you on how people earn a living in photography. It is worth your while to immerse yourself in these images for an hour or two.

I came across an interview with Dixie Dixon on KelbyOne and found it most enjoyable. So I went to her website. Here is another great photographer. Her thing is Fashion Photography. And she’s good at it. I’m not that interested in this kind of work per se but I very much enjoy the competence and excellent camera sense this woman shows. Another site worthy of study!

Wow! Another fashion photographer and I think I will withdraw the statement that I am not that interested in fashion photography. This woman rocks! I love her imagination and the technical brilliance she brings to her art. But it is so discouraging to look at this work and know how far I am from doing anything like this! I am in awe!

Wildfox Running is an ” interdisciplinary artist management company” based in Frankfurt, Germany. They represent a large number of artists and they have samples of their works on the website. Have a look at what modern European photographers are doing.

Caesar is a commercial photographer born in Brazil and working in Los Angeles, CA. His portraits of women are creative and avant guarde. If you are into portraits, Caesar will give you lots of ideas.

Art Galleries

This Gallery is in Berlin, yes, that’s in Germany, and as you might expect, it is very avant garde. It is interesting to see what current photographic ‘artists’ are doing. Presumably their work sells or these galleries would not exist. But looking at some of this work, it is obvious I am not in touch with modern taste.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, has a very fine online photo presence and they have a photo gallery in the museum itself. VA-Gallery Now that is a gallery! The British sure know how to do museums.

My next time in Holland I will go to this gallery in Den Haag. But for now the website is enough. If you want to see what is happening in contemporary photography, this is the website. It will take your breath away!

Now this is interesting: the website of a gallery and print store in London. Very high end images. Hundreds to view and they include asking prices. So if you wonder how much people pay for prints by well known photographers this is the site. And the prints are really extraordinary.

Graphics Artists

I believe we can all learn from each other. And especially, photographers can learn from artists in other disciplines. Now, I am probably telling you too much about my preferences in art by telling you about sites that inspire me. I am not expert and I am certainly not a critic. This is just my subjective listing of artists’ sites that grab my attention. Have a look and then start your own list.

I met Jenn at an art show in 2013 and was immediately taken by her work. I wish we photographers had the freedom she has in the use of form and color. Maybe we do. It is just really hard to learn. We are so easily seduced by the detail in our images to step back and look at the form and color. Visit Jenn’s site and see what I mean!

Cameras, Lenses and Equipment

I love camera gear. Maybe I am a bit weird (Susan definitely thinks so) but I can sit happily holding and stroking one of my cameras or lenses. I go to several websites for information about cameras and equipment. If you are like me, I sincerely hope you are not, you will find these sites helpful.

Ken Rockwell

I like Ken’s website. He is a photographer for sure but he is an equipment guy as well and he writes about it. He has written some truly useful stuff and I recommend him to you.

Photography in Malaysia

The name hides a wealth of information on Nikon, Canon and other camera brands. It seems a little chaotic to me but it is well worth taking the time to sort through it. It is massive!

For information on historic Canon cameras, go to the source. Besides their equipment there is a good history of the company as well. It is a very professional and well laid out source of information.