Seeking the Art in Photography

Photography can be many things. It can be an historical record, or the images of microfilmed documents, or a box of old photos from a Brownie Hawkeye. Photography can be a beautiful image of a person or scene or the dry as dust archives of a museum. Possibly it is the news of the moment which then fades into historical record. But, occasionally, an image reaches out to us with an emotional connection and demands our attention. We want to look at it again and again because it brings pleasure beyond that given by a pretty picture. It is somehow more than just a picture. This is when photography transcends record keeping and enters the realm of art.

But what is it that sets some photographs apart in our minds? What is it that makes any object “Art”? That is the neat question and that is what we are about here. We want to examine photography as art. Oh, and yes, show a few of my own photographs as well. Are they art? Well, we shall see, I hope.

The Website

This website has grown out of my hobby, which is photography. I have created it myself and the layouts and menus may not be the best and for that I apologize. But I am not a programmer and have no desire to be one. As I say, the hobby is photography.

You will find that there are many rough edges and loose ends here but as I am not attempting to sell anything or make a living from this site I work on the content as the spirit moves me. So what will you find here? Well, let’s have a look:


The Joy of Light

The Joy of Light is my Blog about Photography generally and Art in particular. A little bit of history, some thoughts about the craft and the occasional discussion about particular pictures.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio is a selection of my pictures to show you something of the photographer I was yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be better.

The Collection

Somewhere along the way I began collecting Canon Cameras. I have created some notes about the Collection which you will find here. All very technical and nothing about Art or Photography.

Links I Like

As I watch and read I find sites on the Internet that I like and may want to return to at some time in the future. I don’t really keep this list up to date but you may find some enjoyable reading here.

Contact Me

I do not allow comments on my site because I don’t want to get into policing rude remarks or criticism. But if you have something to say and you leave me a message I will respond. I would love to hear from you.

Copyright and Use of Images

Unless otherwise clearly noted, all images on this website are my own photography. You may use them for non-commercial purposes but this in no way surrenders the Copyright to them which remains at all times with me. Permission to use these images may be withdrawn at any time.

If you use any of my images on your own website please include a link back to this site. All images are available in larger sizes upon request. Pricing varies depending upon size and intended use.

Some images on this site are the work of others and where they appear they are clearly noted and link backs to the original sites are included where available. If you see one of your images used here and you wish it removed or you feel the attribution is not stated clearly enough please contact me and the situation will be corrected immediately.

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