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Photography can be many things. It can be an historical record, or the images of microfilmed documents, or a box of old photos from a Brownie Hawkeye. Photography can be a beautiful image of a person or scene or the dry as dust archives of a museum. Possibly it is the news of the moment which then fades into historical record. But, occasionally, an image reaches out to us with an emotional connection and demands our attention. We want to look at it again and again because it brings pleasure beyond that given by a pretty picture. It is somehow more than just a picture. This is when photography transcends record keeping and enters the realm of art.

The Joy of Light

The Joy of Light is my Blog. Its not a best seller and few come here, but it is fun and an exercise in thought. If you find delight in my images, here you will find my thoughts behind them.

My Portfolio

In my Portfolios you find actual galleries of my images. They are here for your pleasure but they are not for any commercial use. If you do include them in a website, please give credit and a link here

Links I Like

The internet is full of wonderful material on photography. There is so much it is hard to keep track of. The sites I have found and appreciate are listed with links here. Enjoy!

Family Images

And of course I have a section for family pictures. These are not art and are for family enjoyment. You will need a password to see these pictures. But, if you are interested, contact me.

This is all well and good but this is a website. It is a sad impoverished mirror of the reality of a photographic print. It is in the presence of an original print, glowing in its frame, that the true impact of photographic art comes home. The forms, the shapes, the swirls of color that seem to jump off the canvas or textured watercolor paper really do capture the viewer as surely as any work of art in any other medium. It is in the photographic print that the goal of photography lies. Your computer screen is but a shadow of reality!

The Collection

I have begun collecting Canon Cameras and have a small assortment already. Not yet a serious collection, it is a beginning. I am posting my little treasures here for you to see and enjoy. It is a new endeavor so be patient. It will grow.


Unless otherwise clearly noted, all images on this website are examples of my own photography. They are available for your own non-commercial use. If you use them on your own website please include a link back to this site. All images are available in larger sizes upon request. Pricing varies depending upon size and intended use.

Use of Images

Some images on this site are the work of others and where they appear they are clearly noted and link backs to the original sites are included. If you see one of your images used here and you wish it removed or you feel the attribution is not stated clearly enough please contact me and the situation will be corrected immediately.