This is a sampling of images by the photographer I was yesterday ….

A portfolio is a sampling of one’s work. It is not the whole but only a few pieces by which the viewer can judge the skill, or lack thereof, of the artist.

These images are a select few chosen from sixty years of picture taking. Hopefully,  this allows you to see how the world strikes me and how adept, or not, I am at representing it.

My photography changes as the months go by. I learn new techniques, I try different styles, and always the craft evolves. So these images are of an ongoing process; glimpses of where I was at some time in the past.

In my blog “The Joy of Light”  I talk about pictures and how I perceive photography and the graphic arts generally. I hope you find my images pleasing and my comments interesting and relevant to your experiences. We are all travelers and “art” is the journey.

The only photographer you should compete with is the one you were yesterday.


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Use of Images

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