Restaurant Trattoria Anima Bella in Venice

I have a weakness for food and Italian restaurants. This is “Anima Bella” in Venice. The name means “Beautiful Soul”

Images of Italy

I have been blessed with an Italian wife and one of the joys of our relationship is that she has a large extended family in Italy.

They are warmhearted wonderful people who have accepted me into their family. As a result, Italy is a second home and I have fallen in love with this sun filled crazy making musical place. Italy is a land of wonders.

These pictures are a subset of my Travel Images because they hold an emotional place in my heart.

“A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority.”

Samuel Johnson
11 April 1776


My Susan is from the City of Arezzo which is in the center of Tuscany about 80 km south of Firenze. This is an old place described by the Roman writer Livy as one of the capitals of the Eutruscan empire which existed long before the Romans came on the scene.

Piazza Grande, Arezzo

The central square in Arezzo is the Piazza Grande. It is ringed with antique stores, restaurants and the City Hall directly across the square. Susan is sitting by the pillory post to the right of center.

Arezzo Evening

Evening skies over Arezzo from the hillside olive grove of my brother-in-law Franco.

I never tire of walking in the old towns of Italy. The buildings date from a time when my home town was forest and sea shore occupied by Canada’s First Nations people. The streets are paved with stone, the buildings look ancient (they are) and they are occupied by the most delightful shops. People still shop at the butcher’s for meat, the green grocer for vegetables, and in public markets for clothing, hardware and specialty foods.

As you walk, every corner offers image upon image for my lens. I just drink in the wonder of it.



La Serenissima is an improbable place floating on its placid lagoon between sea and sky. Is that description a little over the top? I do not think so. For me it contains the essential truth of Venice. For photographers, it is a heaven devoutly to be wished. If you have not been, go!

The city is very old, the streets very narrow, and, with the exception of the Piazza Roma, there are no motor vehicles. In fact, there are no vehicles of any kind.

The light is wonderful, the textures are strong, and the scenes one finds are breathtaking. Every day here with a camera is a constant joy.

Ristorante Antico Gafaro, Venezia
On the Riva Del Vin

Morning on the Riva del Vin