This Snowfall captured from the front deck of my home in Burnaby, British Columbia

Images from Home

It is easy to fall into thinking that all great photographs lie 500 miles away. But when I look around I realize that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here one can go nowhere and be surrounded by wonderful images.

“There’s no place like home.”

A summer evening in the park at Burnaby Lake

In the Parks near Home

The city parks are wonderful places to take pictures. The great thing about photography as a relaxing hobby is that there are images all around us if only we look. One such park in the City of Vancouver is Queen Elizabeth Park. It is large and has beautiful gardens built in an old stone quarry.

These are two images from a pond in Queen Elizabeth Park. It is a small lake in the park surrounded by beautifull trees. It is one of my favorite sources of beautiful images.

The number of beautiful places within a ten minute walk of our home is amazing. Ten minutes and we can be on the sea shore or in the forest. And I photograph these places over and over and still I find wonderful images. Above is part of the Trans Canada Trail as it winds through Burnaby on its way to Vancouver.

On the left is an image taken in infra red wavelengths which gives the trees a dreamy appearance. This is a “dog walk” which is a fenced area in the local park where dogs can run free off leash. but from this image you would never know this was such an urban setting.

The Fraser River

The Fraser River runs close to our home and it provides endless opportunities for camera and photographer. Even though it is running through a city, even though its banks near home are very industrial, it is still possible to capture the river in its true state of nature.

Above is a picture I saw while driving by the river in the mist. Fortunately, I always have a camera in the car with me.

On the left is an old decaying fish boat along the same stretch of river. Of course I have heavily processed this image but the boat was as you see it.

Into the Woods

I don’t know why it fascinates me but I love to photograph the woods. A forest is a difficult subject. It sounds corny but when you try to capture the essence of a forest the trees keep getting in the way. You cannot seem to capture the peace and tranquility of being alone in the forest for a host of reasons. And in this lies the challenge.

The three pictures below are from our Gulf Islands which lie off the coast across from Vancouver. So close to a major city they are pools of solitude where one can rest and calm the nerves after doing battle in the city.

Up to the Mountains

We are blessed in British Columbia with the most wonderful mountain scenery. In truth, I do not get into the mountains often enough but when I do I revel in it.

There are many places one can walk up into pristine wilderness. But a word of caution: it is easier than you might think to get lost. It is important that one carry the tools that you would need in such a case: matches, compass, cell phone, warm clothing, food. But it is best to stay on the trail and not get lost!

Water Maidens – Hastings Park, Vancouver

A Fall Walk on Burnaby Mountain

Winter Rain Forest – Burke Mountain, B.C.

November Walk on Burnaby Mountain

Down to the Sea

On the ferry from Powell River to Comox it was a rainy grey day. Not a great setting for good photographs. Going on deck was not an option. Looking out the window through the rain I noticed the ship’s bell on the bow. Through the rain and streams of water running down the glass I took this picture. I really like it.