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C21-Photo-of-MeI am a businessman living, with my wife Susan, and working in the Vancouver area of Canada. Photography is a hobby that I pursue with a passion but it is simply that: a passion. I am not a professional and make no pretense to be one. Just an enthusiastic amateur. But, still, I love it. Susan, on the other hand, is a photo critic with the delicious ability to keep my ego in check!

My gear is mainly Canon but that is a happy accident more than design. I know that other brands are equally good and that the result is in the photographer and not in the gear.

My printers are Epson and that is by choice. I have tried others but Epson seems to be the one that works best for me. Photography is all about the print in whatever form that takes and good printers are like good paint and brushes to the artist.

If you read my Blog, which I call ‘The Joy of Light’, you will follow my musings on the hobby and profession of photography. And of course, if you have a look in my Gallery you can judge my work for yourself. I hope it brings you pleasure.

I would love to hear from you. If you like what I am doing, it is good to hear about it. If you don’t, then possibly I can learn something. So what do you think: about photography, about art, about life itself?

I don’t save e-mail addresses, I don’t sell to mailings lists, I don’t put you on my mailing list unless you ask me to. And I don’t sell stuff. Its just us exchanging ideas.

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