Queen’s University

The beginnings of my Photograpy

Although I began taking pictures in High School I did not really become proficient at it until I went off to Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario. This was where I began my love affair with cameras and the printed image.

Instead of working alone in my improvised basement darkroom I suddenly had real darkrooms to use, with enlargers and equipment I could never afford, real publications to print my work, and real friends who shared my interest. 

My photography back then was all black and white: it was inexpensive and the developing was very tolerant of error. Following Henri Cartier-Bresson’s dictum that “your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”, I took lots of pictures; pictures by the 100 foot roll. Lots of them! 

And hee we have some of those images: images from my earliest photographic days.

Ban Righ Hall

Lake Ontario

Queen’s University is located on Lake Ontario just where it empties into the St. Lawrence River. The campus is right on the lake in the oldest part of the town. It was incredibly beautiful.

Each winter I was there the lake froze over and we had miles of ice on which to skate and play.

Queen’s Campus

A fall day in front of Ontario Hall, Queen's University with Grant Hall in the background.

Ontario Hall in the Fall (Img 120003)

Ban Righ Hall across University Avenue

The Queen’s Tea Room (Img 120022)

Dunning Hall

Fleming Hall

Union at University (Image 120012)

Walking to the Lower Campus

Theological Hall

Albert Street


Our initiation rituals, at least as I experienced them, were benign and friendly. We did not feel threatened and we threw ourselves into the ritual. And it did serve to eventually foster a feeling of solidarity and belonging.

Freshettes  (Img 120054)

Queen’s Science ’64 (Img 120030)

Science ’64 Banner  (Img 120037)

Levana Candle Lighting in Grant Hall  (Img 120027)

Grease Pole Climb  (Img 120044)

Levana Candle  (Img 120028)

Science ’66  (Img 140074)

Freshette Wave  (Img 120146)

Student Activities

One of the things I remember most was how much there was to do on campus. No matter what your interests, there was a club or a team, or a concert, always something. There was never enough time.

The Pipe Band (Image 120010)


It is not an overstatement to say that in the fall the campus was football mad.

The Cheer  (Image 120013)

Watching the Game  (Image 120014)

Fans in the Stands  (Image 120015)

What’s the Sport of Kings?  (Image 120016)

Going to the Game  (Image 120018)

Go Gaels Go  (Image 120019)

Fans  (Image 120015)

The Band in the Stands  (Image 120021)

The Play  (Image 120026)


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