Costa Maya, Mexico

After Roatan we had a stop in Mexico on the Mayan coast at …. what else?: Costa Maya. This turned out to be very much like the other stops – a tourist center with shops and restaurants. Although, I must admit, this was considerably better done than the others.

We were in an enclosure although coming and going was not a problem. I think the gatehouse and the guard were to keep Mexicans out and not to keep us in.

We did go out for a walk but there was nothing close by. There were commercial buildings nearby that looked derelict and unused. I think the developers over built here expecting that the cruising tourists would drop more money into their economy than actually happened.

There was a fake Mayan pyramid we visited but, although impressively large, was not so impressive close up. The workmanship left much to be desired.

Outside it was a bit of a wreck. But I have seen rural Mexico and that is what it looks like. Inside the enclosure, on the other hand, it was geared to more European and North American taste. But, all in all, we had a good time on shore.

The view to the left from the Armonia.

Looking forward into the tourist mall from the Ship.

The view to the right from the Armonia.

As far as the eye could see the land was flat and forested. Not so much as a hill! The ship had tours to Mayan ruins so I assume there was a history to investigate. But we were tourists and not archaeologists: we shopped and then went back on the ship to relax.

The sign at the end of the pier welcoming us to Costa Maya.

The shops were all in small little huts styled to look primitive but they were actually well built.

I have used an HDR technique with these images to project the colors we saw when we were there.

Susan made a friend! This lovely bird was not tethered and his wings did not appear to be clipped. I think he stayed because he was well fed and the people were interesting.

It was actually a very pretty shopping area with lots of trees giving shade from the sun, dappled shadows, and green.

Wandering here was really pleasant and the stuff for sale was interesting – lots of trash but some good stuff too.

Some of the clothing offered for sale was very nice and we spent time looking through it. I bought a white Mexican dress shirt – the kind that does not tuck in but hangs loose.

The sun glasses were very pretty in the sun.

A display of colorful dresses in one of the shops in the Plaza. Susan bought a dress here.

Photography is a great hobby. It makes every outing a contest to find neat images in the everyday stuff we pass though. It deepens my awareness of my surroundings and I think I have learned to see more this way than others do.

There are pretty pictures where ever we look and here is a small sampling of them. Not really travel pictures but simply lovely images!

The arch with the Tequila sign really did not lead anywhere. It was just a design element in the plaza that I found very attractive. This plaza was well designed and thought had gone into it. There were several places where this kind of care in the appearance of the mall was considered.

This was sheer whimsy because the antique fire equipment was not functional. But I like this image. The colors are good, the subject interesting and the elements are out of balance in a pleasing way. Again, not much to do with our trip but I like the picture and I get to chose the pictures here!

Outside the washrooms was a bench with wash basins and this was the wall above them with mirrors inside life rings. Practical and yet very decorative. As I said, a great deal of design thought has gone into this place. This is also a “Selfie”. I am wearing the hat I bought in Belize City in this picture.

The shop signs were all done with a common design and finish.

The same design team did all of them obviosly.

I saw no signs that were not done in this common style.

The day was beautiful but there was a good breeze blowing.

The Armonia is the closer of the two ships at the dock.

Back at the ship two of the crew were serving the returning passengers drinks, which you can see in the background and in Susan’s hand. They posed with her for this great picture.

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